On hearing what the crowd did with Mussolini's body, Hitler shivered, saying - At no cost should my corpse be hit by enemies

On hearing what the crowd did with Mussolini's body, Hitler shivered, saying - At no cost should my corpse be hit by enemies

Fascist Dictator of Italy and Benito Mussolini, founder of the National Fascist Party, said at the beginning of the Second World War, 'If I retreat from the battlefield, I will shoot me To kill. On 28 April 1945, Mussolini's opponents shot and killed him. He was also present with his girlfriend Clara Petacci. She was also killed along with Mussolini.

After losing the battle, the two were on their way to the Switzerland border when 'Partizan', who was opposed to Mussolini, surrounded them with bullets along with their 16 comrades. Mussolini was killed near Lake Como. From here, the bodies of all were loaded into a truck and taken to the city of Milan and thrown at Piazzale Loreto Chowk at three in the morning.

A crowd of 5000 people gathered as news of the death spread

According to the BBC report, by eight o'clock in the morning, news spread through the newspaper and radio that Mussolini had died and his body was lying on the square. This was the same square where Mussolini shot 15 of his opponents a few months ago. After the death, what the public did with the body of Mussolini and his girlfriend was very gruesome.

In his book 'The Last 600 Days of Duche', Ray Mozley wrote that as soon as the news of Mussolini's death spread, 5000 people gathered at the Chowk. A woman in the crowd fired five bullets into the head of Mussolini's corpse. He said that by doing this he has avenged the death of his five children. Another woman urinated on Mussolini's face.

The body of the dictator hung upside down

A woman brought a whip and started beating Mussolini with her. Another man tried to put a dead mouse in his mouth. The man was shouting, 'Now give a speech with this mouth'. There was terrible anger in the crowd and all wanted to treat those dead bodies with the worst.

Luciano Garibaldi wrote in his book 'Mussolini the Secret of His Death' that the hate-mongering crowd was climbing over the dead bodies and crushing them with their feet. A man elevated Mussolini's body. A loud voice came from the crowd. After this, the bodies of Mussolini, Claret and four others were hung upside down about 6 feet above the ground.

The leader gave fascist salute at the cost of his life

According to the BBC report, when Claretta's body was hung upside down, her skirt fell on her mouth and she did not wear anything under it. The hatred of the crowd can be gauged from the fact that even in this situation, the crowd continued to make fun of them. Mussolini's face was covered in blood. During this time a leader of the Fascist Party came forward and gave Mussolini a fascist salute. The mob immediately caught him and shot him on the back.

In the book 'The Body of Duche', Sergio Luzato wrote that the rope of a fascist leader broke and his body fell down. After this, the rope of Mussolini's body was cut and his body fell headlong.

Bullet shot by tearing head

Reg Ingram was also watching this scene. He wrote in his Time magazine article titled 'The Death in Milan' that Mussolini was wearing the uniform of the fascist militia. A man came walking over the dead bodies and kicked Mussolini's head with full force. Another man straightened Mussolini's head with a rifle butt.

He wrote that a bullet entered his left eye and came out from behind his head. Some part of his brain had come out. At the same time, Claretta was wearing a white colored silk blouse. There were bullets on his chest from which the blood came out and froze. The New York Times newspaper wrote that the body of a man who was talking about bringing back the old glory of Rome was lying on a square in the city of Milan and thousands of people were spitting on him.

Dead bodies buried with American soldiers

In the afternoon, American soldiers arrived there, isolating the crowd and closing the dead bodies in a wooden coffin and took them to the city's morgue. In the post mortem, it was found that Mussolini was killed by four bullets. His body was buried in the tomb number 384 of the Musoko cemetery in Milan.

Hitler also got nervous

Mussolini may have died from four bullets, but the mob's behavior with his body will make anyone's soul tremble. Some historians say that it was only due to the gruesome behavior of the crowd with Mussolini's body that Hitler asked to burn his body after death. In his book 'The Pope and Mussolini', Professor Kurtzer writes that the news of Mussolini's death came to Hitler on the radio on 29 April 1945 in his underground bunker. After listening to the whole story, Hitler said that at any cost, my body should not be handed over to the opponents.

US: A 12-year-old girl studying in the sixth class rained school bullets, three people, including two students, were injured.

US: A 12-year-old girl studying in the sixth class rained school bullets, three people, including two students, were injured.

According to local time in Idaho, the northwestern state of America, on Thursday, a sixth-grade girl started shooting bullets at the school in public. In this incident, three people were injured by being shot. While showing the bravery, a teacher snatched the gun from him and then this orgy of violence came to an end. The police gave information about it. It has been told that this incident happened in Rigby Middle School and the girl studies in sixth grade. He is between 11 and 12 years old.

Sheriff Steve Anderson of Jefferson County said, the girl pulled out a handgun from her bag and fired several rounds inside and outside the school. He said, among the three people who have been fired, two students and one staff member are there. However, there is no threat to their lives due to the injury of these people. Anderson told the press conference that during the shootout, a teacher bravely snatched the gun from the student's hand and controlled it. After this, the police took the girl in her custody.

Last year, 43 thousand deaths occurred in gun related cases.

The shooting incident is being investigated by the local law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI. In recent weeks, there have been many firing incidents in America. This includes the firing incident at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis, an office building in California, a store in Colorado and several spas in Atlanta. According to the 'Gun Violence Archive', there were 43,000 gun-related deaths in the US last year, including suicide cases.

The gun violence epidemic and international embarrassment: Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden declared the growing gun violence in the country an epidemic and an international embarrassment. He outlined steps to regularize indigenous weapons and pressurized Parliament to reapply the long-standing restrictions on weapons used in the attack. Biden said that whether or not Congress takes action, he will take all measures under his control as president to protect the American people from gun violence. He said that members of Parliament gave many views and expressed their desire. But he did not pass a single new federal law to reduce gun violence.

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