Over 230 billion yen of ODA is committed by Japan to important projects in India

Nine projects in different sectors of India will receive an official development assistance loan from Japan totaling Japanese Yen (JPY) 232.209 billion.

Japanese Ambassador Suzuki Hiroshi and Vikas Sheel, assistant secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, exchanged notes on Tuesday.

· The Project for Promoting Start-up and Innovation in Telangana (JPY 23.7 billion); · The Project for the Construction of Chennai Peripheral Ring Road (Phase 2) (JPY 49.85 billion); · The Project for Promoting Sustainable Horticulture in Haryana (Tranche I) (JPY 16.21 billion); · The Project for Climate Change Response and ecosystem Services Enhancement in Rajasthan (JPY 26.13 billion); · The Project for the Establishment of the Medical College Hospital at Nagaland Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kohima (JPY 10 billion).

While the Chennai periphery ring road project attempts to reduce traffic congestion and boost links to the southern portion of the state, the road network connectivity projects seek to promote infrastructure development in India’s northeast. The Nagaland project, which involves building a medical college hospital to provide universal health care, will aid in the development of tertiary-level medical service delivery.

A special initiative in Telangana will boost MSMEs’ company growth while fostering the development of entrepreneurial skills with an emphasis on women and the rural populace. The project’s promotion of crop diversification and infrastructural development in Haryana would boost sustainable horticulture and increase farmers’ income.

Through afforestation, forest preservation, and biodiversity protection, the Rajasthani forestry initiative will improve ecosystem services. The project intends to provide major centers in the hilly state of Uttarakhand a reliable water supply.

In order to handle more freight traffic, the fifth tranche of the Dedicated Freight Corridor project will modernize the intermodal logistics system and aid in the development of a new dedicated freight railway system.

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