Pelosi's 'tough' message from Japan's soil, 'China cannot isolate Taiwan'

Pelosi's 'tough' message from Japan's soil, 'China cannot isolate Taiwan'

US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently on an Asian tour, where she said on Friday that China cannot isolate the self-governing island by preventing US officials from traveling to Taiwan. He made the remarks in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, on the last leg of his Asian tour. He said that our friendship with Taiwan is strong. In an indirect attack on China here, he said that we are committed to peace and the status quo in Taiwan and we stand with Taiwan.

Pelosi has traveled to Taiwan despite strong opposition from China. She is the first Speaker of the US Parliament to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Pelosi said in Taipei on Wednesday that America's commitment to democracy, both on the self-governing island and anywhere in the world, was "unshakable". Pelosi and five other members of Congress arrived in Tokyo late Thursday after traveling to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea.

China threatens Taiwan over Pelosi's visit
Significantly, China, which has claimed its claim on Taiwan, called Pelosi's visit a provocation and on Thursday started military exercises, including missile firing, in six areas around Taiwan. He has threatened to take Taiwan by force if need be. Let us tell you that China has deployed aircraft carriers and nuclear-capable submarines in a large-scale military exercise in the Taiwan Strait to show its strength, provoked by Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei.

China is conducting military exercises a day after Pelosi's visit
China had strongly objected to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan because it considers Taiwan a part of its country. Zhang Junche, a senior research fellow at the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) Naval Research Academy, told the government-controlled newspaper Global Times that its first aircraft carrier will take part in exercises around Taiwan from Thursday to Sunday, a maritime multi-faceted war. will install the system. The four-day military exercise is being held a day after Pelosi's visit.

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