PM Shehbaz Sharif told Imran Khan the biggest liar on earth, held responsible for the economic plight

PM Shehbaz Sharif told Imran Khan the biggest liar on earth, held responsible for the economic plight

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has accused former PM Imran Khan of ruining the country's economy. He also termed former PM Khan as the biggest liar on earth. Shehbaz Sharif alleged that Khan has injected poison to polarize voters in the society after he stepped down as PM in April. He said this in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

The damage happened during the reign of Imran Khan

In an interview with Pakistan's The Guardian newspaper, Sharif said that during the regime of Imran Khan, there was a lot of damage in Pakistan. He caused damage to the country in both domestic and foreign affairs.

1600 people have died due to catastrophic floods

PM Sharif said that Pakistan is facing an unprecedented economic crisis in recent times. The country is battling rising inflation, foreign debt and continuously depleting foreign exchange reserves. At this time Pakistan is also in the grip of catastrophic floods. So far, about 1,600 people have died in the country due to floods, and about 3.3 lakh people have also been displaced due to this. The floods have submerged a third of the country and are estimated to have caused about US$30 billion in damages.

The country's economy ruined due to Khan's policies

PM Sharif also called Khan a liar and a cheater. He further said that the country's economy has been ruined due to the policies of former PM Imran Khan. Khan, who ran an anti-corruption manifesto, was accused of conducting the affairs of the country in line with his personal agenda. Sharif said Khan can be described as the most inexperienced, self-centered, arrogant, immature politician in the country's history.

The loss to the country due to the lies of Imran Khan

Emphasizing the audio leak case, he said, 'Khan is the biggest liar in the world. I am saying this not with glee but out of embarrassment and concern. He lied for personal interest, due to which the image of my country has suffered a lot. According to the newspaper, Sharif admitted that he faced significant challenges in governing Pakistan. He said that Imran Khan has injected innumerable quantities into society. They have polarized so much that it had never happened in Pakistan before.

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