Ransom asked for Gujarati couple being kept captive in Iran by a Pakistani agent

A Pakistani spy is holding a young couple from the city captive in Iran as they attempt to flee to the United States of America illegally.

According to a police officer, the individual is requesting a sizable ransom in exchange for the release of Pankaj Patel and his wife Nisha Patel (both 29 years old).

An FIR is being filed about the event at Krishnanagar Police Station in the Naroda region, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Chaitanya Mandlik. An inquiry into the situation has been opened by the Ahmedabad city criminal branch.

Since the event took place outside of the nation, the crime branch will contact the Indian Embassy in Iran and provide them with all the information they need to ensure the safe release of the imprisoned couple, who are residents of the Ahmedabad neighbourhood of Naroda.

According to evidence provided to the Krushnanagar police by the couple’s relatives, Pankaj Patel and Nisha Patel asked a Hyderabad-based agent for help in order to aid their unauthorised entrance into the United States. Their travel plans included arriving in Tehran, Iran, before continuing as directed. The agent had booked their airline tickets.

Unfortunately, a Pakistani agent interfered with the couple’s arrival at Tehran airport a few days ago and brought them to a hotel where they were imprisoned against their will. Pankaj Patel was physically abused by his kidnappers, who also provided a disturbing video to his family in exchange for a sizable payment for the couple’s release.

To secure the two’s safe return, the criminal branch and the relevant authorities are coordinating their efforts. We will immediately get in touch with the Indian Embassy in Iran to set up the proper channels of communication and begin working to secure the couple’s release.

The inquiry is under progress, and quick resolution of the issue is a priority.

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