Red Crescent Chief Says Situation Is “Not Good” After Iran President Ebrahim Raisi’s Helicopter Is FOUND

The Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, the foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the governor of East Azarbaijan, Malek Rahmati, and other officials boarded the chopper that made a “hard landing” in Jolfa on the evening of May 19 (IST). Two of the three helicopters in the convoy made a gentle landing, while the President’s chopper tragically crashed.

This occurred when the Iranian president was traveling back from an Aras River dam launching event with Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan. Searches have been conducted to find the President and other notables aboard the chopper ever since this news surfaced. Biden has also called for an emergency conference, and the European Union has turned on its fast reaction mapping service. The President’s chopper has been located, according to the most recent update.

The Helicopter of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was found
The Iranian President’s helicopter has been located, but the condition is not “very good,” according to a recent news flash from the news agency AFP, which was cited by NDTV. This is despite the fact that search efforts are still ongoing. “Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter found, situation ‘not good,’ says Iran’s Red Crescent chief,” to quote the news flash.

Iran Presidential Helicopter Crash: There Was Potential Risk To President Ebrahim Raisi’s Life
In a contradictory report, CNN cited Pir Hossein Koulivand, the head of Iran’s Red Crescent Society, who spoke to Iranian state TV IRINN, saying that “rescue crews haven’t yet located the crash site of the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.” Initially, reports stated that the rescue teams had located the accident site and that the military crew was en route to the identified location of the crash site. According to Koulivand, the teams are still looking for the location where the signals were picked up, and the Iranian president’s life is at jeopardy.

The Rapid Response Mapping Service is activated by the European Union
In the meanwhile, the European Union has launched its fast reaction mapping tool to help locate the Iranian leader, barely hours after the helicopter crash. In response to a request from Iranian authorities, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management declared that the service had been activated. “We are initiating the EU’s @CopernicusEMS rapid response mapping service upon Iranian request for assistance in light of the helicopter accident reportedly carrying the President of #Iran and its foreign minister,” an EU official wrote on X.

The European Commission (EU) funds the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS), which offers precise and rapid geospatial data for disaster management, humanitarian crises, and man-made catastrophes. At both the global and European levels, the EMS continuously monitors and predicts forest fires, floods, and droughts. In-situ and publicly available data sources are also accessible via the EMS. With the Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL), the Copernicus EMS exposure mapping component offers very precise and up-to-date data on the existence of human settlements and people.

Iran Asks Turkey for Help
Iran has also asked Turkey for support in the search efforts and has asked for a search and rescue aircraft with night vision capabilities. According to the government, Turkey is also sending 32 mountaineer search and rescue workers and six vehicles to Iran. On Sunday afternoon, President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter crashed in severe weather when he was returning to Iran after a trip to Azerbaijan.

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