Russia plans to fire 200 destructive missiles this year, NATO country under tension

Russia plans to fire 200 destructive missiles this year, NATO country under tension

International Desk:  Russia's tensions with European member states of the US and NATO are increasing. Meanwhile, Russia has surprised the world by making a big announcement. According to information, Russia said that in 2021, it will test more than 200 missiles. Russia has announced this at a time when its very deadly 'Satan 2' hypersonic intercontinental missile is going to be ready soon. Russia's Ministry of Defense has said that 200 missiles will be tested under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. After this announcement by Russia, the tension of NATO countries has increased. 

Even earlier in the year 2020, Russia had tested only 200 missiles. Russia's news agency Tass quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying, "In 2021 the Strategic Missile Force will conduct 200 exercises at various levels. This includes strategic and special exercises of missile regiments and missile divisions. There will be a change in the aggressiveness of the activities during the practice.

Russia is currently preparing its RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental missile for flight trials. It is said that this missile can destroy any air defense system. The country's Deputy Minister has said that such trials will take place in the near future. According to a US report, the Sarmat or Satan 2 missile can kill from 10 thousand to 18 thousand km. There is an atmosphere of panic in NATO countries regarding this missile missile of Russia.
The destructive capability of this missile can be gauged from the fact that with one single blow, the whole of France can be destroyed.

The RS-18 missile can carry a single large thermonuclear bomb or 16 small nuclear bombs. Not only this, if Russia's security forces want, then the nuclear nuclear bomb can be fitted with thermonuclear bomb and can fire this missile. The special thing about this missile is that each of its warheads can destroy different targets. The RS-18 missile will replace the SS-18 based on Soviet design. The SS-18 is the heaviest intercontinental missile in the world.

After Ayodhya and Lord Ram, Oli's new claim - Yoga was born in Nepal, then India did not even exist

After Ayodhya and Lord Ram, Oli's new claim - Yoga was born in Nepal, then India did not even exist

Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had earlier claimed that the real Ayodhya is in Nepal. Now he has said that Yoga was born in Nepal. He says that yoga was discovered even before India came into existence. Oli made this statement while addressing a program on International Yoga Day.

However, this is not his first claim to claim Indian heritage as his own. Earlier, he has told India's Ayodhya as fake and said that the real Ayodhya is near Birganj. On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Oli said that yoga was first started in Nepal.

Said - Indian experts hiding the facts

Oli said that at the time of the beginning of yoga, India was not made but it was scattered in many pieces. He said that Indian experts are hiding facts related to this. Oli, on the other hand, is facing criticism in Nepal. He is accused of creating controversy with India to hide the shortcomings of his government.

Claimed on Lord Rama

Last year, PM Oli had staked his claim on Lord Ram and Ayodhya. Oli had said that Ayodhya is in Nepal and India has committed cultural encroachment by creating a fake Ayodhya. Prime Minister Oli made this statement at a program organized on the birth anniversary of poet Bhanubhakta Acharya. He had said that Nepal has been culturally oppressed. At the same time, he said that the historical facts related to Nepal have also been tampered with.

Oli said that we still believe that we gave Sita to the Indian prince Ram, but we had married Sita to the prince of Ayodhya located in Nepal, not to the prince of Ayodhya of India. The Nepalese Prime Minister argued on his claim that if India's Ayodhya was real, then why would the princes of that place come so far to Janakpuri to get married?

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