Second incident in the US in less than a week: An Indian-American Man Shot in Georgia

Second incident in the US in less than a week: An Indian-American Man Shot in Georgia

Three masked men shot and murdered a 52-year-old Indian-American man in his driveway in Georgia, injuring his wife and kid in the process, according to authorities. This is the second such incident involving Indians in the US in the last week.

On January 20, the event happened on Thoroughbred Lane close to Hartley Bridge Road in Georgia.

Pinal Patel and his family were met by three masked gunmen as they approached their house after work, according to a statement released by the Bibb County Sheriff's Office on Monday.

According to the statement, when deputies arrived, they discovered Pinal, his wife Rupalben Patel, and their daughter Bhakti Patel in the driveway of their house with gunshot wounds.

All three were taken to Atrium Health, where Deputy Coroner Luann Stone subsequently declared Pinal deceased, according to the statement.

According to reports, Rupalben and her daughter are in stable health.

According to the statement, the three masked persons fled to a dark-colored car that was waiting across the street and had a fourth person inside.

No things were reportedly stolen from the family before the people left the area, it added.

In order to find the four-door car and identify the people, investigators are asking for the public's help.

Attacks against Indians in the US have increased.

A 23-year-old Indian student was shot and killed on Sunday during an armed robbery in Chicago.

While his companion K Sai Charan was wounded and taken to the hospital, Devsish Nandepu was shot and murdered at Princeton Park on the South Side.