Significant Protests After Netanyahu Fires Defense Minister in Israel; White House Calls for Compromise

Significant Protests After Netanyahu Fires Defense Minister in Israel; White House Calls for Compromise

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to oust Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, a move that garnered condemnation from many political sectors and sparked a late-night emergency rally, thousands of protesters descended on towns around Israel on Sunday night.

A day after breaking ranks and requesting a suspension of the government's divisive judicial reforms, Galant was dismissed on Sunday. He described his reason for termination as security concerns.

Before MPs are scheduled to vote this coming week on a key component of the plans, which would alter how judges are selected, he called for a stop to the revisions.

"The objective of my life has always been and will always be to ensure the security of the State of Israel, "Immediately upon his dismissal, a defiant Gallant.

Despite the fact that Netanyahu dismissed Gallant more than three hours ago, according to The Times of Israel, demonstrators are still blocking the Ayalon Freeway in Tel Aviv.

According to the story, the demonstrators have built bonfires on the roadway and intend to camp there all night. Several protesters in Tel Aviv barricaded the Ayalon Highway and reportedly intended to remain there overnight.

The United States expressed its "grave concern" on Sunday "the situation in Israel.

The current actions coming out of Israel gravely worry us and serve as a further reminder of the urgent need for a compromise "Adrienne Watson, a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, said in a statement.

Galant's firing was also met with criticism from the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, who said the prime minister may remove Galant, "but he cannot fire truth and he cannot fire the people of Israel who are standing up to the craziness of the government." ". The security of the State of Israel is threatened by the Israeli Prime Minister, "Added Lapid.

Israel is in more danger now than it has ever been since the Yom Kippur War, according to former prime minister Naftali Bennett."

"I contact Prime Minister Netanyahu from here... I know for sure that the opposition is prepared to rescind the firing of Gallant, halt the overhaul entirely until after Independence Day [in a month], and enter a time of dialogue," he told a local TV station.

Regardless of who is correct, Simply said, the reform is irrelevant. Preserving our nation as a cohesive, functioning nation is important, he said.

Netanyahu is reportedly in the prime minister's office for hours, having "security and legal conversations," according to an Israeli daily.

According to a tip mentioned in the article, Netanyahu is contemplating declaring tomorrow that he would postpone the court reform since coalition members favor doing so in light of the widespread demonstrations.