Spy was installing SPY camera in Imran Khan's bedroom, caught red-handed

Spy was installing SPY camera in Imran Khan's bedroom, caught red-handed

Another revelation has come amidst rumors of plotting to assassinate former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. In the situation in Imran Khan's 'Bunny Gala' house, an employee has tried to spy. According to media reports, an employee has been caught red-handed installing a SPY camera in Imran Khan's bedroom, after which the espionage attempt has failed. After this, the security personnel posted there caught the employee who tried to install the SPY camera and handed it over to the police.

After this, he is now being questioned on whose behest he was installing the SPY camera. Let us tell you that due to rumors of a conspiracy to kill Imran Khan, his security has already been tightened. Many in Imran Khan's party PTI are insisting that his life is in danger.

All agencies informed
After the spy was caught red-handed while installing the SPY camera in Imran Khan's bedroom, PTI leader Shahbaz Gill has said that we have informed all the agencies in this regard. Shahbaz Gill accused the government of Pakistan of this, he said that the Shahbaz government is also involved in this. Shahbaz Gill told that the employee cleaning Imran Khan's room has been caught while installing the SPY camera.

Pakistan's Home Minister told the assassination plot to be false
Earlier on June 23, Pakistan's Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah called the conspiracy to assassinate former Prime Minister Imran Khan false. Along with this, he told that the security which was given to him when Imran Khan was the Prime Minister, the security is still being given.

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