Sri Lanka Crisis: Many big problems are going to come before Sri Lanka's new PM Wickremesinghe, know which is the most formidable

Sri Lanka Crisis: Many big problems are going to come before Sri Lanka's new PM Wickremesinghe, know which is the most formidable

The new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, faces many big challenges. He has taken over the reins of the country at a time when there is anarchy in the country. There is anger among the people regarding the former Rajapaksa government of the country. At the same time, the financial condition of the country has become so bad that it is very difficult to say that it will be resolved within some time. However, Wickremesinghe has held the post of Prime Minister in the past as well as being a leader of great stature in Sri Lanka. Experts believe that he is such a face that can be successful in providing immediate relief. 

No other option but Wickremesinghe 

Professor Harsh V Pant of the Observer Research Foundation says that President Gotabaya had no other option than Wickremesinghe. Wickremesinghe is considered a supporter of western countries. Therefore, he can also play a big role in the ongoing negotiations on debt with the IMF. At present, in addition to a stable government in the country, it is necessary to have such a person at the top of the power that the financial institutions can talk to and decide the rules of debt. Apart from this, Wickremesinghe also has a positive attitude towards India. 

Biggest challenge to solve domestic problem

Professor Pant says that the biggest challenge before Wickremesinghe is to solve the domestic problem. Pant believes that even if Sri Lanka gets loans from foreign institutions, then strict steps will have to be taken to repay it in future. Foreign institutions or Western countries Sri Lanka will have to take big steps. Multiple taxes can be levied or existing taxes can only be increased. Apart from this, many such steps may also have to be taken which people may go through exasperating. In such a situation, Wickremesinghe will also have to face the adverse reaction coming from the people. 

$56 billion foreign debt

Let us tell you that Sri Lanka has an external debt of $ 56 billion. Sri Lanka needs about two billion dollars only to pay its interest. If interest is not paid on time, he can be declared a defaulter in July. If this happens, the situation for Sri Lanka will become very delicate. At the same time, Sri Lanka is in talks with the IMF for a loan of about $ 4 billion. But, Sri Lanka's problem is not going to be corrected by this alone. 

IMF loan can give immediate relief

According to Professor Pant, if the IMF agrees to give a loan to Sri Lanka, then it can definitely give relief to it immediately. After this Sri Lanka will have to decide some way on its own. Although it is not so easy, but it will also be a big support for him in the present time. 

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Do you know these things about Anthony Albanese who defeated Scott Morrison? Many challenges will be faced as Prime Minister

Do you know these things about Anthony Albanese who defeated Scott Morrison? Many challenges will be faced as Prime Minister

Australian voters have pushed for an end to nine years of Liberal rule in favor of a centre-left opposition that has promised strong action on climate change. To form a majority government, parties need a majority of 76 seats. The Labor Party's Anthony Albanese, who won the election, will now be the new Prime Minister of Australia. After the election results were out, Morrison said he would resign as leader of the Liberal Party. He said that he takes responsibility for his party's defeat. The Labor Party currently holds 73 seats, according to the Australian Electoral Commission. Early vote counts showed a strong bias toward Greens candidates and independents, who sought emissions cuts far beyond commitments made by Morrison's coalition.

Who is  Anthony  Albanese 

Albanese is one of Australia's longest-serving politicians and was briefly deputy prime minister under Kevin Rudd in 2013. He has earned a reputation as a defender of free healthcare, an advocate of LGBT rights, a Republican and a diehard rugby league fan. Albanese, 59, had a childhood spent by a single mother with the help of a disability pension. At the age of just 33, he reached Parliament in 1996 by winning the Sydney seat on a Labor Party ticket. In 2007, when Kevin Rudd's Labor Party came to power, Albanese was made Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. Due to internal strife in the party, the Prime Minister was changed and Anthony Albanese became Deputy Prime Minister. But his tenure as Deputy PM lasted only 10 weeks. His party lost in the next election.

 Challenges ahead for Albanese as Prime Minister?

One of Albanese's first priorities as prime minister will be to rebuild relations with foreign leaders, who Morrison says has neglected foreign policy in recent years. China recently signed a military agreement with the Solomon Islands near Australia, China is planning to build its first military base in the Pacific. On Tuesday, Albanians are expected to be in Tokyo for talks with quad members from the United States, India and Japan, where they will discuss priorities for safeguarding free passage in the Indo-Pacific. Voters have turned to the Labor Party over the Liberal Party's inaction on climate change. Marija Taflaga, director of the Australian Politics Study Center at the Australian National University, noted the vote's shift to the Greens. 

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