Sri Lankan ship mixed 'poison' in the sea, so far 100 turtles, a dozen dolphins and blue whales have died

Sri Lankan ship mixed 'poison' in the sea, so far 100 turtles, a dozen dolphins and blue whales have died

The 'poison' has dissolved in the water after the cargo ship sank in the sea area of ​​​​Sri Lanka. Because of this, the life of sea creatures has come to an end. So far more than 100 turtles, a dozen dolphins and a blue whale have been found dead on the beach. After the sinking of this ship, there has been a possibility of death of many sea creatures.

Ecologists believe that the death of aquatic organisms is directly related to the fire in the ship and the release of dangerous chemicals from it. The Singapore-flagged Express Pearl ship caught fire for 12 days. It sank last week near Colombo's main port. However, government officials said that these reasons related to the aquatic life have been tentatively confirmed and a thorough investigation is yet to be done.

Life in trouble due to chemicals

There was a fire on the ship on 20 May. After a few days, dead aquatic creatures started coming to the seashore. Tushan Kapurusinghe of the Turtle Conservation Project has also attributed the death of the turtles to the onboard fire and the release of chemicals. There are five species of turtles found in the sea area of ​​​​Sri Lanka, which often come close to the coast to hatch. Turtles come in large numbers between March and June.

chemical fire

According to information received by news agency AP, out of 1500 containers on this ship, at least 81 had 'dangerous' goods. The Sri Lankan Navy believes that the ship caught fire due to chemical cargo. Most of the chemicals were destroyed due to the fire, but its waste, including fiberglass and many tons of plastic, caused a lot of pollution in the ocean. Its effect on the country's popular beach will be visible for a long time.

Dangerous chemicals killed with heat

Environment Ministry Secretary Anil Jaisinghe says that there can be two reasons behind these deaths. Burning first due to heat and second due to chemical. The postmortem report is yet to come and we cannot give a clear reason as of now. Experts believe that at least 400 dead turtles have been found on the beach so far.

Shopping in supermarket became the cause of death! Exit gate closed after massive fire, 396 people were burnt to death

Shopping in supermarket became the cause of death! Exit gate closed after massive fire, 396 people were burnt to death

Supermarkets exist for shopping in countries around the world, where people reach to buy their everyday things. These supermarkets are equipped with all kinds of facilities to make them safe for the people. But what if someone goes to the supermarket for shopping, but does not come back alive. Actually, one such incident came to light in Paraguay on this day, when a huge fire broke out in a supermarket located in Asunción, the capital of the country. 396 people died in this incident.

On August 1, 2004, a massive fire broke out at the Ycuá Bolaños supermarket in Asuncion. The thing to note here is that in case of fire, the exit gate is usually opened, so that people can get out safely. But after the fire in this supermarket, the exit gate itself was closed. The reason behind this was to prevent people from stealing goods. On the other hand, while supermarkets around the world are safe, this building lacked adequate fire protection systems. The president of the supermarket company as well as various employees were later sentenced to prison for their actions during the fire.

How did the fire in the supermarket?

On August 1, 2004, there were two explosions on the first floor, after which a fire broke out. This fire kept burning for seven hours, after hard work, the fire department brought the fire under control. After the incident, it was found that 396 people have died due to burns. In addition, more than 500 people have been injured. The cause of the fire was told that there was a bad barbecue chimney, which leaked hot flammable gases into the roof. Because of this the fire started.

More attention was given to supermarket goods than life

Fire survivors and volunteer firefighters alleged that during the time the fire broke out, the doors inside the complex were locked at the instructions of supermarket owners Juan Pio Paiva and his son Victor Daniel. Because of this people got trapped inside the blazing complex. This was done so that people could not run away with the goods without paying. However, the management of the supermarket vehemently denied these allegations. At the same time, Paiva, his son and the security guard surrendered before the police and charges were framed against them.