Taiwan Issues Alert Following China Satellite Launch, Saying It Is “Ready To Deal With Any Kind Of Emergency”

Around the same time that Chinese official media announced the launch of a scientific satellite, Taiwan authorities issued an alarm for the whole island on Tuesday, claiming that a Chinese satellite had passed over south Taiwan airspace. Mobile phone users in Taiwan received a brief warning from Taiwan’s defense ministry after 3 p.m. local time.

The “presidential alert” provided no more information. China launched “a new astronomical satellite” named the Einstein Probe from the southwest region of Sichuan, according to the Chinese official news agency Xinhua.

China has not previously disclosed the launch of the satellite or provided any information about its flight path. The notification was sent out at a news briefing by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu in advance of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for January 13.

We have been managing this for a considerable amount of time. In response to a query about the satellite and potential military provocations by China, Wu said, “For the government of Taiwan, our military is prepared to handle any kind of emergency.” Wu reported to reporters that a “satellite carried by a rocket” had passed over Taiwan’s southern region, but he did not know anything else.

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