The footage of the violent police assault of Tyre Nichols

The footage of the violent police assault of Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols was repeatedly pummeled with their fists, boots, and batons while he pleaded for his mother while being held down by five Memphis police officers, according to video released by the authorities on Friday.

The violent scenes in the film show the police, who are also black, following after Nichols and beating him up before dumping him on the sidewalk leaning against a squad vehicle as they fist-bump and celebrate their accomplishments.

One day after the police were accused of killing Nichols, the video surfaced. Hard concerns about why deadly interactions with law enforcement persist despite repeated pleas for reform were raised by the frightening pictures of another black man dying at the hands of police.

In other towns, including Memphis, where several hundred protesters stopped the Interstate 55 bridge that transports traffic across the Mississippi river into Arkansas, protesters assembled for mostly peaceful rallies. Long rows of semi-trucks were parked in reverse. Numerous demonstrators congregated in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, which is next to Black Lives Matter Plaza and across the street from the White House.

The video shows officers brutally hitting the 29-year-old FedEx employee for three minutes while yelling obscenities at him. The legal team for the Nichols family has compared the attack to the notorious police beating of Los Angeles driver Rodney King in 1991.

Nichols can be heard repeating, "I didn't do anything," as a bunch of cops start to wrestle him to the ground after the first officer roughhouses pulling him out of a vehicle.

Tase him!, an officer is heard screaming. Tap him!

"OK, I'm on the ground," Nichols states coolly.

Nichols remarks, "You guys are really working hard right now. "I simply want to go home," you say.

A few seconds later, he cries, "Stop, I'm not doing anything."

The cop then uses a Taser on Nichols, who is then seen fleeing. The police then begin to pursue Nichols.

Before Nichols is apprehended at another crossroads, more cops are summoned, and a search is conducted. The police kicked, punched, and struck the man with a baton.

Security camera video shows Nichols lying at the street corner between police vehicles with three cops around him and a fourth officer close.

Nichols is being held down by two cops while moving about, and a third officer then seems to kick him in the head. With all three cops encircling him, Nichols slumps even further to the ground. He is again punched by the same cop.

After that, the fourth cop approaches, pulls a baton, and raises it to his shoulder while the other two police keep Nichols still, as if he were seated.

One of the officers is heard yelling, "I'm going to baton the f—- out of you." He can be seen raising his baton on his body camera while at least one other cop is holding Nichols. Three times in a row, the officer uses the baton to hit Nichols in the back.

Nichols is then shown being lifted to his feet by the other police while flopping like a doll and struggling to maintain his balance.

The cop with the baton continues to threaten him while another police hits him in the face. Nichols trips and twists while being restrained by two police. The cop who struck him then turns around and strikes Nichols four more times in the front. Nichols then passes out.

The next 40 seconds are spent by two cops on top of Nichols as a third stands nearby. Then, three more policemen arrive, one of them is seen kicking Nichols as he lies on the ground.

Nichols is hunched up against a vehicle, and not a single police offers assistance. One of them is seen leaning down and tying his shoe in the first-person perspective of the body camera clip.

Even though two fire department personnel were on the scene within 10 minutes with medical supplies, it takes more than 20 minutes after Nichols is battered and on the sidewalk before any form of medical assistance is given.

Officers repeatedly assert things about Nichols' actions that are either not corroborated by the video or that the district attorney and other authorities have acknowledged never happened. In one of the recordings, an officer asserts that Nichols lunged for his revolver during the original traffic stop before escaping and almost put his hand on the handle, even though this isn't evident in the footage.

Several cops claim that Nichols must have been high after they have him in handcuffs and have him leaning against a police vehicle. When an officer claims later that no narcotics were discovered in his vehicle, another cop instantly responds that Nichols must have dropped something while fleeing.