The Indian crew of the cargo ship Dali managed to escape the collision with the Baltimore Bridge. I AM AFRAID OF WHY

Baltimore: The crew of the container ship, including 20 Indians and one Sri Lankan, is “busy with their normal duties” and will stay on board until the accident’s inquiry is over. The ship crashed with a major Baltimore bridge last week. “The number of crew members on board is verified to be 21. A representative for Grace Ocean Pte. and Synergy Marine told PTI, “The crew members are occupied with their regular responsibilities on the ship in addition to supporting the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board investigators on board.”

The crew of the container ship Dali was there when it struck the four-lane, 2.6-kilometer Francis Scott Key Bridge across the Patapsco River in Baltimore early on March 26. The cargo ship, measuring 984 feet, was headed for Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The crew will stay on board until the investigation is finished.
“At this time, we do not know how long the investigation process will take, and until that process is complete, the crew will remain on board,” the representative stated when asked how long the crew would have to stay on board the ship.

The Synergy Marine Group is in charge of managing the Grace Ocean Pte Ltd-owned, Singapore-flagged Dali. The Indian crew aboard the cargo ship was described as “healthy” earlier by the nonprofit Baltimore International Seafarers’ Centre.

Indian Embassy maintaining tight ties with local government
There were 20 Indians on board Dali, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in Delhi, and the Indian embassy in Washington was in regular contact with both the local government and the Indians. US police started questioning Dali’s crew last week. As part of their inquiry, the NTSB boarded the ship on Wednesday, according to a statement from Synergy Group, and gathered papers, voyage data recorder extracts, and other evidence.

All crew members and the two pilots on board the ship are safe, according to confirmation from Grace Ocean and Synergy. They did, however, identify one minor injury and state that the crew member received medical attention before being released from the hospital.

collapse of the Baltimore bridge
Presumably deceased are six individuals who were working on a bridge repair project when the crash happened. Two of the construction workers’ corpses were retrieved by divers from a red pickup vehicle that was discovered submerged in a river, while the other four victims were still being looked for.

According to US President Joe Biden, the crew of the Dali had notified transportation officials that they were losing control of the ship, which allowed authorities to block the Baltimore bridge to traffic before to the catastrophic disaster and “undoubtedly” save lives.

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