The Israel-Hamas conflict continues, with almost 29,000 deaths in Gaza

Since the Israel-Hamas conflict began, more than 29,000 Palestinians have died on Palestinian soil, the Gaza Health Ministry said on Monday.

According to the ministry, 107 corpses had been transported to hospitals on the previous day. With this, 29,092 people have died in all since the conflict began.

The ministry claims that women and children made up almost two-thirds of those slain, although it does not break apart fighters and civilians in its figures. More than 69,000 Palestinians are said to have suffered injuries.

Although the ministry keeps thorough statistics of fatalities, it is a part of the Gaza administration, which is headed by Hamas. Its statistics from earlier conflicts in Gaza have mostly coincided with those of U.N. organizations and even Israel.

On October 7, terrorists headed by Hamas invaded southern Israel from Gaza, killing over 1,200 people and capturing about 250 others. This marked the start of the conflict. During a week-long cease-fire in November, Israel freed over 100 prisoners in return for 240 Palestinian prisoners.

In response, Israel launched one of the bloodiest and most catastrophic military operations in recent memory against the besieged enclave, which Hamas has controlled since 2007.

Without offering any proof, Israel claims to have killed nearly 10,000 Palestinian terrorists. The military claims it makes an effort to protect civilians and attributes the high death toll on Hamas, citing the terrorist group’s practice of fighting in populated residential areas.

According to U.N. authorities, the conflict, which has no signs of ending, has forced around 80% of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents from their homes and left a quarter of the population malnourished.

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