The people of China are living in an invisible prison, the eyes of the Chinese administration on every activity

The people of China are living in an invisible prison, the eyes of the Chinese administration on every activity

On the one hand, the world is now trying to reduce the restrictions related to Corona, while China is making more advances in its technology of monitoring its own people. China is busy using its technology not only in its own country but also in monitoring the big giants of foreign countries. If more than 1.4 billion people of China are constantly monitored by the Chinese administration, then there will be nothing wrong with this. The activities of these people are not only being monitored through police cameras but are also being recorded. Whether it is at fault, in a hotel, or in an apartment.

The future of the public is now under the watch of the third eye
The Chinese administration is tracking people's phones, what they are buying, where they are going, and how they are chatting. In a way, the future of the people of China is now under the watch of the third eye.

attempts to suppress the opposing voice
According to an American newspaper, these days Chinese police in China are buying such technology which can stop any kind of crime and protest in advance. Through this system and software, people's behavior and their activities have to be monitored. The Chinese authorities will keep an eye on all these regardless of whether anyone has done anything wrong or not.

Those who are creating difficulties or opposing the Chinese government are being targeted. Anyone can be in this, whether it is a laborer or a patient, or a particular community, everyone is being monitored.
voices raised in protest
It is not that people are not opposing it. A 74-year-old man named Zhang Yuqiao not only turned off his phone to avoid the activities of the Chinese administration but also stayed away from main highways to dodge the authorities. He had also opposed the surveillance activities of the Chinese administration. For any journey, he pays by cash instead of online payment.

When a Chinese doctor went missing
These actions of the Chinese administration are a violation of privacy, which has also been criticized globally. There have also been allegations against China that it can go to any extent to suppress the opposing voice against it. The same was seen during the Corona epidemic, when Chinese doctor Ai Fen alerted the world about the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, China, she went missing a few days later. Where she went and what the Chinese administration did to her, no information has been available so far.

When a woman was stopped from meeting her husband in 2020
In 2020, authorities in southern China rejected a request by a woman to go to Hong Kong to be with her husband. Actually, the software of Chinese authorities had considered this marriage suspicious. The Chinese police came to the conclusion that the marriage was faked in order to obtain a migration permit. There are many such cases through which the eyes being kept by China on its own people have been exposed.

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