Threat of more than one thousand big old dams in India, America and other countries

Threat of more than one thousand big old dams in India, America and other countries

New York:  According to a United Nations report, in India, in 2025, more than one thousand large dams will be almost 50 years old and such old structures all over the world can become a threat in future. The report states that by 2050, most of the world's population will have settled downstream of these thousands of dams built in the 20th century and this will put them at serious risk from the old dams. The report titled 'Aging Water Infrastructure: An Emerging Global Risk' has been prepared by the United Nations University's Canadian-based Institute of Water, Environment and Health.

The report states that most of the world's total of 58,700 large dams were constructed between the years 1930 to 1970. They were built for 50 to 100 years. It states that a dam made of concrete probably becomes old after 50 years. Therefore, thousands of dams of the world have reached dangerous condition at this time, there is a danger of their wall breaking. The report says that the maintenance cost of older dams increases and their water storage capacity also decreases. According to the analysis of the United Nations University, by 2050, most of the world's population will be settled downstream of these thousands of dams.

This is stated in the report after studying the dams built in India, America, France, Canada, Japan, Zambia and Zimbabwe. According to this, 32,716 big dams i.e. 55 percent of the total dams are in four Asian countries - China, India, Japan and South Korea. Most of these will soon be more than 50 years old. According to the report, in India alone, 1,115 big dams will become 50 years or more in 2025. More than 4,250 big dams in the country will become 50 years old in 2050 and 64 big dams will become more than 150 years old in 2050. The report states that if the Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala was built 100 years ago in India, and if there is a flaw in it, about 3.5 million people are in danger.  

New Zealand shaken by earthquake tremors, magnitude 6.4 on Richter scale, constant shaking earth raised concern

New Zealand shaken by earthquake tremors, magnitude 6.4 on Richter scale, constant shaking earth raised concern

New Zealand is shaken once again by the strong tremors of the Earthquake. On Saturday, the northern islands of the country were shaken by the vibration of the earth. The earthquake on the Richter scale was 6.4. In New Zealand on Friday, earthquake tremors were felt, after which tsunami warnings were issued. The US Geological Survey has given this information. At the same time, there is no news of any kind of loss of life or property due to the earthquake. A tsunami warning has not been issued for the earthquake that has struck today.

These tremors were felt late at 12.16 pm local time. Its center was nine kilometers of land 181 kilometers from the city Gisborne, located in the northeast. No casualties were reported after the earthquake. At the same time, no information has been found to damage any building or house. On the other hand, tsunami warnings have not been issued. Significantly, in the last few days, the sharp tremors of earthquake are being felt in New Zealand.

Three times earthquake shook New Zealand

A powerful 8.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in New Zealand late on Thursday night. In fact, earthquake tremors were felt on Kermadec Islands in New Zealand. The earthquake on the Richter scale was 8.1. Tsunami warning was issued in New Zealand after this earthquake. During this time people started running out of their homes. In all, three times the earthquake raised the concerns of New Zealanders. A tsunami warning was issued after the earthquake.

Warning was given for waves up to three meters

At the same time, the authorities asked the people living in the coastal areas to leave their homes and move to a safe place, because of the threat of tsunami here. However, the warning that was issued for lifting up to three meters, the effect was not seen. Although the height of the waves in the coastal areas increased, but its level was not dangerous. On the other hand, the authorities have still warned that people should stay away from the coastal area and beach.

Why do earthquakes occur?

There are seven plates roaming inside the earth. Where there is a collision of these plates, it is called fault line zone. Due to their collision, the corners of the plates start to turn, due to which the pressure starts to build. This causes the plates to break and the energy exiting from them looks for a way to get out. When this energy goes out, it causes earthquakes.

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