Understand India’s Position on the Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Two-State Solution and Aid to the Gaza People

India is in favor of a “two-state solution” to the Gaza crisis, in which Palestinians are allowed to live freely in an independent nation and Israel’s security concerns are met as well. During the UN General Assembly meeting, the nation’s position was made apparent.

Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, indicated that India has a clear and well-articulated stance on the issue during her speech at the “Meeting on the Use of Veto” on Monday.

“A lasting peace can only be established via a two-state solution, which is reached through substantive and direct discussions between both parties on final status issues. With proper consideration for Israel’s security requirements, India is dedicated to supporting a two-state solution in which the Palestinian people are allowed to live freely in an independent nation within safe boundaries, according to Kamboj.

“To reach a lasting solution, we urge immediate de-escalation, eschewing violence, the release of all hostages, avoiding provocative and escalatory actions, and working towards creating conditions for an early resumption of direct peace negotiations,” stated India’s Permanent Envoy.

“India’s leadership has made it clear what our stand is on the issue several times. Numerous civilians have died as a result of the continuing battle between Israel and Hamas, including women and children. This has also led to an urgent humanitarian catastrophe, as I already indicated. This is obviously inappropriate, she said emphatically.

“We have strongly condemned the deaths of civilians in the conflict,” Kamboj said. It is imperative to stop the violence and antagonism from becoming worse. In every war scenario, it is vital to prevent civilian casualties. Under all circumstances, respect for international law and international humanitarian law is required.

Reiterating India’s position on the Israel-Hamas conflict, she said that the terror acts in Israel on October 7 of last year served as the catalyst for the fighting. Such insults must be categorically denounced.

India has maintained an unwavering stance against terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations for a long time. Terrorism and hostage-taking cannot have any excuses. Kamboj said, “We demand the immediate and complete release of all captives.

She demanded that in order to prevent the situation from becoming worse, humanitarian assistance to the Gaza population be increased right now.

“We urge everybody involved to work together on this project. In this sense, we applaud the UN’s and the international community’s efforts. India has given and will continue to provide humanitarian help to the Palestinian people, said Kamboj.

Following Hamas’ October 7 offensive, in which over 2,500 militants crossed the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel, resulting in injuries and the taking of hostages, the situation in Gaza worsened.

Israel has described its Gaza attack as aimed at dismantling Hamas’s infrastructure in order to eradicate the terrorist organization as a whole, with the least number of civilian deaths possible.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has repeatedly said that his country would not consent to a ceasefire and that any demands for one between Israel and Gaza would amount to Israel’s capitulation to Hamas.

CNN indicated earlier on February 26 that Hamas withdrew some of its main demands in the discussions for a hostage agreement and put an end to hostilities in Gaza after an Israeli statement labeled the organization’s attitude as “delusional.”

According to two people familiar with the conversations, it moved the negotiating sides closer to a first agreement that may end the hostilities and result in the release of a number of Israeli captives.

“The major obstacles have been resolved in terms of Hamas insisting on a full withdrawal of Israeli forces and an end to the war,” a senior Biden administration official stated after the meeting between the prime minister of Qatar and the heads of intelligence from the US, Egypt, and Israel held in Paris, CNN reported.

“Hamas’ demands regarding the quantity of Palestinians (detainees) that would need to be released have decreased,” the representative said.