Unreleased Jeffrey Epstein Records Reveal Information About Stephen Hawking

Numerous people worldwide have expressed outrage at the revelation of the Epstein files. Some of the names had been circulating for weeks, but others had surprised everyone by turning up. Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest brains in history and a well-known theoretical physicist, is one of them.

Following a New York judge’s decision to unseal the records, a social media discussion about Mr. Hawking began. According to the Miami Herald, a protracted court battle culminated in the papers’ release. 2019 saw Epstein’s jail death. Officially, his death was declared to be a suicide.
Regarding Mr. Hawking, in a January 2015 email correspondence between Epstein and his colleague Ghislaine Maxwell, his name was referenced. According to People Magazine, Epstein—the sex offender who was found guilty—talked about putting up a prize to refute Virginia Giuffre’s alleged claim that Stephen Hawking was involved in a “underage orgy.”

“Any of Virginia’s friends or relatives who come forward and assist in disproving her accusations might be given a prize. Epstein said in the email that “the best is the Clinton dinner and the updated version in the Virgin Islands where Steven Hawking took part in an underage orgy.”

According to reports, Mr. Hawking paid a scientific visit to Epstein’s private Caribbean island in March 2006, months before the disgraced financier was first accused of sexual offenses.

According to a story by The Independent, Mr. Hawking even managed to get a trip on an adapted submarine. He was visiting the island for a meeting on gravity sponsored by Epstein, along with other experts.

No charges of sexual misbehavior involving Epstein have been made against Mr. Hawking. After battling ALS for his whole life, he passed away in 2018 at the age of 76.

Two batches of records have been made public so far, and more are anticipated.

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