US Navy warships entered into Indian waters without Indian permission; Navigation expedition started near Lakshadweep

US Navy warships entered into Indian waters without Indian permission; Navigation expedition started near Lakshadweep

The US Navy's warship entered the Lakshadweep Islands group within the Special Economic Zone of India. Here, the US Navy started a naval independence campaign in the Indian waters near the Lakshadweep archipelago. This campaign was started on April 7. The US Navy says that it did so under the 'Freedom of Navigation Operation'. It is believed that this move by Washington may affect Indo-US relations.

On April 7, 2021, the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) said, without India's permission, that its special economic zone was almost west of the Lakshadweep archipelago, without the permission of India, in a statement issued by the commander of the Seventh Fleet of America. Started the Naval Rights and Freedom Campaign 130 nautical miles away. This was done under international law. Under the Naval Freedom Campaign, India has the right and freedom to use the law of the sea by challenging the excessive maritime claims of India through international recognition laws.

Permission from India is to be taken before entering Indian territory

This statement by the US Navy will be worrying for New Delhi, as the US is one of India's closest strategic partners. Both countries have opposed China's maritime expansionary attitude in the South China Sea. At the same time, India and America keep doing naval exercises throughout the year. Please tell that prior permission has to be taken for a military exercise or expedition in India's special economic zone or subcontinental area.

Government of India did not comment

At the same time, no comment has been made on this matter from the Indian Navy and the Ministry of External Affairs. It is worth noting that in February this year, the meeting of the Quad Group, its member countries took a pledge that they would insist on mutual cooperation and to create an open and free Indo-Pacific region. Freedom of navigation and territorial integrity will be supported for this. Let us know that the quad group includes America, India, Japan and Australia. Its purpose is to end China's growing aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

US: A 12-year-old girl studying in the sixth class rained school bullets, three people, including two students, were injured.

US: A 12-year-old girl studying in the sixth class rained school bullets, three people, including two students, were injured.

According to local time in Idaho, the northwestern state of America, on Thursday, a sixth-grade girl started shooting bullets at the school in public. In this incident, three people were injured by being shot. While showing the bravery, a teacher snatched the gun from him and then this orgy of violence came to an end. The police gave information about it. It has been told that this incident happened in Rigby Middle School and the girl studies in sixth grade. He is between 11 and 12 years old.

Sheriff Steve Anderson of Jefferson County said, the girl pulled out a handgun from her bag and fired several rounds inside and outside the school. He said, among the three people who have been fired, two students and one staff member are there. However, there is no threat to their lives due to the injury of these people. Anderson told the press conference that during the shootout, a teacher bravely snatched the gun from the student's hand and controlled it. After this, the police took the girl in her custody.

Last year, 43 thousand deaths occurred in gun related cases.

The shooting incident is being investigated by the local law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI. In recent weeks, there have been many firing incidents in America. This includes the firing incident at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis, an office building in California, a store in Colorado and several spas in Atlanta. According to the 'Gun Violence Archive', there were 43,000 gun-related deaths in the US last year, including suicide cases.

The gun violence epidemic and international embarrassment: Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden declared the growing gun violence in the country an epidemic and an international embarrassment. He outlined steps to regularize indigenous weapons and pressurized Parliament to reapply the long-standing restrictions on weapons used in the attack. Biden said that whether or not Congress takes action, he will take all measures under his control as president to protect the American people from gun violence. He said that members of Parliament gave many views and expressed their desire. But he did not pass a single new federal law to reduce gun violence.

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