US President Joe Biden injured while playing with dog

US President Joe Biden injured while playing with dog

Washington America's newly-elected President Joe Biden has a minor fracture in one leg and will now need a 'walking boot' to walk. His doctor gave this information. While playing with his pet dog 'Major' on Saturday, Biden's leg was twisted by his ankle. Biden celebrated his 78th birthday on November 20 and is going to become the oldest president in American history.

Dr. Kevin Okonnor, who is treating Biden, said on Sunday, "No fracture was detected in the initial X-ray. But the clinical investigation required a deeper look. "O'Connor, director at GW Medical Faculty Associates, said after looking at the results of Biden's investigation," A subsequent CT scan showed a slight middle of the leg of newly-elected President Biden. Fracture detected. He may need a walking boot for the next several weeks. "President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday evening and wished Biden a speedy recovery. Biden's previous health record was released by Dr. Okonnor in December 2019.

The doctor had said that Biden is healthy and fit to become president. According to the health report, Biden does not consume tobacco or alcohol and exercises five days a week. He takes blood thinners and other medications for problems such as acid reflux, cholesterol and seasonal allergies. Biden adopted the Major in 2018, a German Shepherd breed dog. He has another German Shepherd dog named Champ which he adopted after the 2008 presidential election. The Biden couple have said they plan to take both dogs to the White House.

Corona's awe: A person of Indian origin, who was hiding at the airport in this country for months, was arrested

Corona's awe: A person of Indian origin, who was hiding at the airport in this country for months, was arrested

A person of Indian origin was so scared about the Coronavirus epidemic that he remained hidden at the airport for three months. When the local police came to know about him, he was immediately arrested. According to the information, this man was avoiding air travel due to fear of corona virus and hid in a safe area at Chicago International Airport in the US for about three months.

In the case, a report published in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday said that 36-year-old Aditya Singh lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, California. He was arrested on Saturday for staying in a safe area at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. According to the news, criminal cases of theft and theft have been registered on Singh in a restricted area of ​​the airport.

Person was at the airport since October

Prosecutors told a court that Singh arrived in a plane from Los Angeles on October 19 and was allegedly living in the security zone of the airport since then. Singh was asked by two employees of United Airlines to give the identity card but he gave a badge (personnel identity card) which allegedly belonged to a campaign manager, who had lodged a report of its loss in October itself.

The person was afraid of going home

Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Haggarte stated that she had allegedly received this personnel badge at the airport. The person was afraid of going home because of 'Kovid-19'. Assistant Public Rescuer Courtney Smallwood said that Singh has a master's degree in hospitality and is unemployed. The Chicago Aviation Department said in a statement, "This case is still a matter of investigation but we were able to find out that this person did not pose a threat to the airport or passengers."

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