US President Joe Biden refers to Japan, China, Russia, India, and China as “xenophobic” countries

US President Joe Biden has referred to Japan and India, two of his nation’s quad friends, as “xenophobic” nations that do not welcome immigration. During an election fundraising address on Wednesday, he extended the concept to China and Russia and contrasted the American economy and government with those of these four nations.

America, democracy, and freedom are at stake in this election. I thus really need you. You know, you and many others have contributed to the expansion of our economy. Why? Because we embrace immigrants,” Biden said at a fundraiser on Wednesday night, according to The White House’s transcript of his remarks.

We search for the cause and consider it. Why is China’s economy stalling out so badly? Why is everything in Japan going wrong? Why does Russia exist? For what reason is India important? due to their xenophobia. They don’t want immigration,” said Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in the November 4 elections.

It is the immigrants that give us strength. Not a jest. We have an inflow of people that want to be here and contribute, so that’s not exaggeration, he said.

Three weeks before his statements, Biden had welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on an official visit. Both sides made a number of new military agreements public during the visit, calling one of them “the most significant upgrade in our alliance since it was first established.” Biden acknowledged as much.

In June of last year, Biden received PM Modi for an opulent State visit. But since arriving here for the G20 conference in September of last year, he has not talked to or seen PM Modi. But together with the US, Australia, Japan, and India, India is a part of the Quad.

QUAD, a four-nation strategic security conversation that also consists of the US and Australia, is attended by Japan and India. Not less significant, India is a participant in the 14-nation Indo-Pacific Economic Forum (IPEF), which is promoted as a US-led effort to thwart China’s ascent to prominence in the region’s trade and economy. China and its three close ASEAN allies, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, are conspicuously absent from the IPEF.

Due to a sharp increase in immigration, the topic has caused significant polarization within US politics. According to Statista, the US Border Patrol detained 22,000 undocumented immigrants in 2022, of whom 12,000 claimed to be from India. Donald Trump, Biden’s likely opponent, has taken a stance against immigration.

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