Violence in China's iPhone factory, video goes viral

Violence in China's iPhone factory, video goes viral

Foxconn, the world's biggest iPhone maker, confirmed on Wednesday that there had been "violence" at its massive plant in central China. Earlier, footage of workers clashing with the security forces in this Chinese factory went viral during the protest. In a statement, the company said the workers were complaining about wages and plant conditions. But the company kept the newly recruited people with the Kovid-positive staff.

The Taiwanese tech company said in a statement, "Regarding any violence, the company will continue to communicate with employees and the government to prevent it from happening again."

Video verified by AFP and shared on Weibo and Twitter showed hundreds of workers marching down the street in broad daylight, some clashing with riot police and people in hazmat suits.

This Taiwanese tech company is a major subcontractor company of Apple. There will be an increase in cases of Kovid-19 at its Zhengzhou site. Due to this, the company closed its big complex so that the virus could be controlled.

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