Vladimir Putin falls down stairs amid speculation of serious illness

Vladimir Putin falls down stairs amid speculation of serious illness
There is a lot of speculation about the health of 70-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin. In some, he has been told to be suffering from cancer, which has not been confirmed or denied by the Kremlin. Now it is being said in recent media reports that Putin slipped from five stairs of his official residence in Moscow and injured himself lightly. The New York Post quoted a telegraph channel as saying that Vladimir Putin fell down the stairs on his tailbone. It has been claimed that Putin, who is suffering from cancer of the stomach and intestines, came out due to the sharp blow he got after falling on the tailbone. Significantly, Ukraine's military intelligence chief had claimed that Putin, who is seriously ill, is using his body doubles to appear normal to the outside world.
Bodyguards gave support to Putin, the condition is stable at present
According to the channel, which claims to keep an eye on Vladimir Putin's health, three of his bodyguards immediately reached there and supported him and made him sit on a nearby sofa. Then doctors were called, who are always present at Putin's official residence. According to General SVR, President Putin was examined after the fall and nothing serious was found. His condition was stable during the night. He can walk on his own. However, due to pain in the lower coccyx part of the spinal cord in the body, he is facing difficulty in sitting. Along with this, his feces automatically came out due to the coccyx falling down. It is often seen in patients suffering from stomach and intestinal cancer that stool comes out on a slight push.
Putin is using body doubles to look normal
This development of Russian President Vladimir Putin's fall comes a month after the claim of Ukraine's military intelligence chief, in which he said that the Russian President's condition was so bad that he had to use three body doubles. Major General of Ukraine Kirillo Budanov claimed that the Ukrainian intelligence service also saw Vladimir Putin's body doubles on several special occasions. The Major General alleges that the use of body doubles has now become normal for the Russian President. He claims that at least three body doubles have been seen at Putin's place on several occasions. All of them have done plastic surgery to look alike. Only their length separates them from each other. Apart from this, in the video and photo also, the different expressions of everyone can be seen and the difference can be experienced.