What message did President Putin give to China and America after coming to India? Russian media told big diplomatic victory - expert view

What message did President Putin give to China and America after coming to India? Russian media told big diplomatic victory - expert view

When the outbreak of corona epidemic is increasing in Russia. During the pandemic, President Putin has confined himself to the country. This can be gauged from the fact that Putin did not attend the G20 summit in Rome. Apart from this, he did not even attend the environmental conference COP-26 in Glasgow. America had also pulled up Russia for this. Apart from this, he has also postponed the much-awaited visit to China. The Russian media has described Putin's visit to India as a major diplomatic victory, giving priority to India-Russia relations. After all, what message has this visit of Putin sent to the world especially China and America. Was Putin's visit really successful in overcoming the slowdown in India-Russia relations? How useful was Putin's visit for Indian foreign policy? Let us try to understand all these questions from the point of view of an expert.

In what way was Putin's visit to India useful?

Pro. Harsh V Pant says that the international scenario has changed a lot in recent years. China's dominance in the world is increasing. Along with this his aggression is also increasing. Border tensions with many countries including India, its interference and influence in Taiwan, Indian Ocean and South China Sea are increasing. On the other hand, after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the credibility of its superpower has decreased. Pakistan is getting closer to Russia through Taliban. India's inclination towards America has increased in recent decades due to the friendship between Russia and China. This concern of Russia increased after the formation of the Quad. Due to this there was a softening in the relations between Russia and India. There is no doubt that Putin's visit has once again brought heat between the two countries. However, it will be interesting to see how Russia maintains relations with China and Pakistan after Putin's visit.

Is this India's diplomatic victory?

1- Prof. Pant says that this is definitely a big victory for India on the diplomatic front. There has been a major achievement in defense deals and energy. Apart from this, acquiring the Russian S-400 defense missile system in the midst of the ongoing border tension with China has been a major diplomatic success. The issue of China's encroachment arose in the talks between the Defense Ministers of both the countries. In Putin's visit, India was successful in conveying that it wants psychological pressure from Russia in the border dispute with China. However, Russia has not given any reaction on this.

2- India has been able to prove that despite the change in the international scenario, there has been no change in the core values ​​and integrity of its foreign policy. The warmth of his friendship with Russia remains the same. Putin's visit has put an end to the slackness between India and Russia in recent days for some reason. This is also a big message for China and America. India has been able to indicate that it is not part of factionalism or any faction. It has its own independent foreign policy. It does not accept the interference of any other country in this.

3- On defense deals also, India made it clear that it is free to deal with anyone according to its security needs. It is not affected by any country or its military capability. With this, India has proved that it has nothing to do with the ongoing tension between America and Russia. It is a private matter of two countries

Is Putin's visit to India a diplomatic victory for him?

His visit to India is also very important for Russian President Putin. During this visit, Putin has hit two targets with one arrow. He has given a clear message to the American and Russian people that Russia has maintained cordial relations with India despite external pressure by bypassing US sanctions. In this sequence, Putin has tried to reach out to the pro-Russian citizens of India. While he has tried to handle the internal politics of the country through diplomacy, he has been successful in giving a message to America and the western world that Russia's relations with India are the same as before. Russia has been facing a number of sanctions since its annexation of Crimea in 2014. By visiting India despite sanctions, he has sent a message that India is a traditional and trusted partner of Russia. Putin wants to further strengthen ties with India.

What will be the effect of America on India-Russia relations?

Pro. Pant says that there has been some souring in relations between India and Russia regarding the relations between the two countries with China and America. Despite this, both the countries know very well the usefulness of each other. accept that too. Both the countries have great interest in India's defense market. There is a big competition between America and Russia in this matter. The defense deal between India and the US has increased in the last few years. Russia's concerns about this have increased. However, with the S-400 missile deal, India has established a paradigm that it is completely independent in defense deals. He will not accept anyone's interference in the relations between India and Russia.

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Tonga Volcano: 'Terrifying' scene captured in satellite pictures, see how giant volcano erupted under sea, panic for many countries

Tonga Volcano: 'Terrifying' scene captured in satellite pictures, see how giant volcano erupted under sea, panic for many countries

In the island country of Tonga ( Tonga Volcano ), the situation became worrying after a sudden volcanic eruption inside the sea on Saturday . The sound of volcanic eruption was heard in many neighboring countries. Videos and satellite pictures of this incident are being shared fiercely on social media since evening ( Volcano Eruption ) . In which a very dangerous scene can be seen. Whereas there is a video in which the beach area after the explosion is seen to be completely submerged in water. At the time of the incident, it seemed as if a bomb had exploded.

Ashes and small pebbles were raining everywhere, while the sky was covered in darkness. Smoke and gas were also seen coming out of the water (Tonga Volcano New Zealand). After the volcanic eruption, a tsunami warning was issued from nearby countries New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, Australia and Samoa to Alaska in the US, although the tsunami threat had started to subside by Sunday, but how much damage has been done to Tonga so far (Tonga Volcano is Located Where). It could not be estimated.

New Zealand will help soon
New Zealand has said that it is monitoring the situation closely. And as the water waves subside, the neighboring country will extend help to Tonga (Tonga Volcano Eruption Aash Cloud). Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the capital of Tonga, Nuku'Olfa, had suffered a lot. But there is no news of any injury or death (Tonga Volcano Eruption Tsunami Warning). He has said this at a time when countries and humanitarian groups in the Pacific are trying to contact Tonga. Telephone and internet services were snapped here after the incident. Due to which about 105,000 people have been affected.

high plume of smoke was observed
Satellite images showed that plumes of smoke caused by the volcanic eruption were seen up to about 20 kilometers (12 mi) above sea level (Tonga Volcano Tsunami Advisory). Boats parked on the seashore were washed away in the water and people's houses were drowned. Residents were sent to higher places in time. Tsunamis occurred in Tonga, as well as tsunami waves were seen in Australia and Japan (Tonga Volcano Satellite Video). US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Twitter that he is 'deeply concerned for the people of Tonga due to the volcanic eruption and tsunami (Tonga Volcano Latest News). America is ready to provide assistance to its neighbors in the Pacific region.

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