Wheat grown in Ukraine was cut and taken to Russia, and NASA revealed the secret of stealing $ 1 billion

Wheat grown in Ukraine was cut and taken to Russia, and NASA revealed the secret of stealing $ 1 billion

The Russian invasion, there has been a bad effect on the agricultural sector of Ukraine. NASA has told on the basis of a satellite image that Ukraine's wheat cultivation costing at least one billion dollars has been destroyed. The space agency told that this damage to Ukraine happened in the areas that Russia has occupied. Especially this loss happened when due to the war, crops could not be harvested in the Russian-occupied territories and Ukrainian farmers could not reach those areas.

The NASA Harvest team calculated that Ukrainian farmers could harvest 26.6 million tons of wheat in 2022, several million tons more than the leading forecast. According to the Harvest team, Ukraine produced a record 33 million tonnes of wheat last year, but the recent yield is closer to the last five-year average of 27.9 million tonnes. However, Ukrainian farmers were deprived of 22 percent of the produce, which was supposed to come from the eastern part of Ukraine.

Ukraine sent 5.4 million tonnes of wheat to the global market
It has been more than 9 months since the Russia-Ukraine war and in the meantime, Ukraine is facing losses on many fronts. At the start of the full-scale war in February, experts warned that 20-30 percent of Ukraine's winter crops, or winter corps, would be hard to harvest by late summer. However, NASA reports that 94 percent of winter crops have been harvested, including 88 percent of those harvested in areas under Ukraine's control.

After the mediation of the United Nations, some crops in Ukraine have also reached the global market. After the appeal of the UN, Russia reduced the blockage on the Black Sea port, due to which Ukraine supplied 5.4 million tonnes of wheat. These figures were released by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine in the month of November. However, in the meantime, Russia accused Ukraine that the Ukrainian army is attacking Russia in the same way. Because of this, Russia also threatened to close this route.

Ukraine lost one billion dollars, and Russia benefited
In a report by NASA Earth Observatory, it has been told that Russia can benefit from the loss caused to Ukraine. For example, Russia will benefit from a significant portion of the 27 million tonnes of wheat crop. It has been told in the report that 5.8 million tonnes of wheat were not harvested from Ukraine's territory, which is under Russian control, and due to this, Ukraine is bound to suffer a huge loss of one billion dollars. Wheat was harvested on a large scale in the middle of July. According to the report, through the Dove satellite, NASA collected images on a weekly basis between July 12-26.