Youth can be attracted towards fruits and vegetables through food challenge or cooking videos, proved in research report

Youth can be attracted towards fruits and vegetables through food challenge or cooking videos, proved in research report

Young people living away from home often include fast food in their meals. Due to this, they become victims of obesity and many other diseases related to it. This problem of the younger generation has also worried the scientists. A study conducted on this topic has found that with the help of food challenges and cooking videos, students have a tendency to include healthy fruits and vegetables in their meals. With this, they understand the importance of fruits and vegetables and adopt healthy food.

The findings of this study have been published in the Journal of Nutrition and Behavior. It is an interesting fact that college-going students constitute a major part of the adult population. The data shows that the total fat content in the diet of college students is high. Dairy, cereals, fruits, pulses, and green vegetables were seen to be low in the diet of most of the students. According to researcher Carol O'Neill of the Department of Health and Sports, University of Louisville, USA, the main reasons why students turn away from healthy food is lack of nutritional and culinary knowledge, financial instability, inadequate access to healthy food options, and time. is lacking. He said that the objective of the nutrition program in the college is knowledge acquisition and nutritional assessment skills. By making lifestyle changes, students can make better food choices for health.

The nutrition course included making students aware

To attract the students towards better food, nutrition courses were organized, in which food

A fifteen-week program was designed to include challenges and cooking videos. During this, the students were given information about cooking as well as the quality of food. Encouraged to include dairy, cereals, fruits, pulses, and green vegetables in the diet. It showed very positive results.

The approach to cooking has changed

Experiment: The course had both offline and online students. He was made aware of the importance of food by a trainer.

Results: Surveys conducted at the beginning and end of the semester showed that the students who attended the course gradually increased the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the meals throughout the course.

Conclusion: O-Nil, head of research, said that it is very important to make youth aware of healthy food. This will help in building a healthy society.

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