Accident on the Mathura Train: Mildly Intoxicated Staff Watching Mobile, Kept Bag on Throttle; 5 Suspended

Tuesday at Mathura Junction Railway Station, an electric multiple unit (EMU) train breached the buffer dead end and entered platform number 2. A joint investigation into the event indicated that the service member was somewhat intoxicated and checking his phone while managing the train, according to reports.

What everything is said in the report?
A service member called Sachin entered the DTC cab (engine) while glued to his phone after the train pulled up to the station, according to the Crew Voice & Video Recording System (CVVRS).

Video taken inside the cabin revealed that after negligently placing his bag on the engine’s throttle, the service member once again became preoccupied with his mobile device, which caused the throttle to slide into the forward position under the weight of the bag and allow the EMU to move towards the platform.

It caused the OHE (overhead wire) to break because it shattered the platform’s dead end and caused half of the carriage to ascend onto the raised section of platform number 2.

According to the report, Sachin’s breathalyzer test resulted in a level of 47 mg/100 ml, which is considered to be minor intoxication.

According to a source from the Agra Railway Division, “He has been sent for a medical examination in which his blood sample will be taken to determine the precise level of alcohol consumption.”

5 persons are suspended
Tej Prakash Agrawal, the divisional railway manager, has suspended five people, including Sachin, in relation to the event. The other four are loco pilot Govid Hari Sharma, technical staff members Harbhajan Singh, Brajesh Kumar, and Kuljeet.

Five people have been suspended, and a more thorough investigation is ongoing, according to Agarwal.

The joint report noted that although typically technicians get the DTC cab (engine) key, in this instance the technician dispatched Sachin to obtain the key.

According to the report, which provided a short account of the event, the train arrived at Mathura station at 10.49 p.m. Sachin entered the cab to get the keys once the loco pilot was freed of his duties and exited. It began to move, broke the dead end, and half of its part ascended onto the platform within a minute of his getting in the taxi.

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