After Chandrayaan-3, NASA wanted ISRO to sell space technology to America, according to ISRO Chief S. Somnath

S Somanath, the head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), said on Sunday that NASA experts were astounded by the advanced technology that Indian space scientists had created for the Chandrayaan-3 project at a cheap cost and had even offered to purchase them.

Prior to the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s launch in August 2023, a group of NASA scientists had been to the ISRO headquarters. They were astonished by the advanced, low-cost technology created by Indian scientists to go to the south pole of the moon.

When speaking at a celebration of the late former President’s 92nd birthday held by the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Foundation in Rameswaram, the ISRO director said, “About 5–6 people from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory came (to the Isro headquarters) and we explained to them about Chandrayaan-3 technology. Before the gentle landing (on August 23), that was.

We have no remarks, they just said. Everything will work out well. They said, “Look at the scientific equipment; they are so lovely and reasonably priced. They are high-tech and quite simple to manufacture. How did you construct it? Why don’t you sell this to America?’ said the ISRO director, according to reports.

“The world has changed. The most advanced tools, gadgets, and rockets are all within our power to create. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi unleashed the space industry for this reason. Our nation has one of the highest levels of knowledge and intellect in the whole planet. One day, India will have great power. In his speech to the pupils, he said, “We shall be strong in technology.

India is on the moon, sir.

The ISRO director recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi phoned and praised him on the day Chandrayaan-3 soft-landed on the moon and remarked, “India is on the Moon, sir.”

“When I informed PM Modi that “India is on the Moon, sir,” he phoned me and praised me. When are you sending an Indian to the Moon, he then inquired.

“Right now, we’re asking you to come work on building satellites and rockets to advance space technology in our country. Not only ISRO can accomplish it; anybody can in space. Agnikul and Skyroot are two companies that manufacture rockets, one in Chennai and the other in Hyderabad. Today, at least five Indian businesses are engaged in the production of satellites and rockets, S Somanath said, noting that “Kalam Sir had said that you should dream during the day and not at night.”


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