Armed criminals rob passengers on the Sambalpur-Jammu Tawi Express and fire shots in Jharkhand

On Saturday night in Jharkhand, a gang of around a dozen armed men attacked a sleeper car of the Sambalpur-Jammu Tawi Express between the stations of Latehar and Barwadih. To conceal their identity, the armed robbers had their faces covered. The government railway police, as stated by news agency ANI, said that they first fired firearms, beat passengers, and then camped out with money, jewelry, and other download 2023 09 24t193220.318

The Jammu-bound Sambalpur-Jammu Tawi Express (Train No. 18309), according to the authorities, was assaulted by obbers at roughly 11.22 p.m. after leaving Latehar station. The thieves boarded the train at Latehar, the authorities said. Around 11.22 p.m., it had left Latehar and had begun to move toward its next stop.

“At least 10 unidentified men stormed inside the S9 coach of the Jammu Tawi Express between Latehar and Barwadih stations under the jurisdictions of East Central Railway and started robbing passengers,” according to authorities.

The criminals accosted passengers, fired bullets into the air to frighten them, and then fled with money and other valuables after pulling the chain, according to the authorities.

The attack harmed around five people, according to the authorities. Later, they received care at Daltonganj Station. The wounded were attended to aboard the train after the Palamu district government sent a team of medical professionals.

“The attack wounded 5 to 6 people, who received treatment at Daltonganj station. The wounded were treated aboard the train, according to reports from the district administration in Palamu.

The doctor, Chaman Kr Bhardwaj, who attended to the wounded at Daltonganj Railway Station’s Platform Number 1 at night, reportedly supported the RPF’s assertion by stating, “All eight passengers got damage by a blunt object. Our staff administered first assistance to them. Six people got lacerations. Those two need sutures. No one was hurt by a firearm.

He also said that no women or children were harmed by the offenders throughout the event. However, the necklaces and earrings that belonged to the ladies and girls were taken.

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