As the Nipah virus restrictions are lifted, Kozhikode in Kerala returns to normal

Since there have been no new Nipah virus cases reported in this region since September 16, the Keralan government has lifted all containment zones’ restrictions and related ones in the northern Kozhikode district.

District Collector A Geetha said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that all schools in the regions that were included in containment zones will be opened, and normal classes would start on Wednesday.


The collector advised individuals to keep guard against the viral infection, maintain social distance, and use masks and sanitizer.


After the viral epidemic was reported in the state on September 12, all academic institutions in the district had been shuttered as of September 14 and courses were being conducted online.


When visiting their respective educational institutions, students were instructed by the district administration to wear masks and bring hand sanitizers.


Six individuals have been verified to have the virus to yet; two of them passed away.


The index case, also known as patient zero, or the first fatality, which occurred on August 30, was discovered to be the source of the infection for the other two fatalities.


Health officials said that 915 persons were being observed as of September 24; however, none of them fell into the high-risk group.


377 samples had been analyzed up to that point, and 363 of those tests had returned negative findings, they stated.


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