Breaking: A bus overturns in Jammu’s Bhambla, leaving 15 dead and others injured

In Jammu’s Bhambla neighbourhood, a bus carrying hundreds of people was involved in a horrific accident. The bus went off the road and fell into a steep valley while traveling from Jammu to Rajouri district. When the accident happened, the automobile, which had an Uttar Pradesh (UP) registration number, was transporting people.

Rescue efforts were soon launched by the police and locals. In an attempt to support the rescue attempts, four ambulances raced to the area. Thirteen wounded people have been safely pulled out of the canyon and are receiving medical attention at Akhnoor Hospital so far.

They said that the bus rolled around 150 feet into the gorge and that the tragedy occurred in the district’s Kalidhar region.

According to the authorities, the automobile was transporting pilgrims to the Shiv Khori region.

The precise reason for the mishap is yet unknown. Authorities, however, are working hard to manage the fallout and provide impacted people and their families the assistance they need.

The event serves as a reminder of the significance of traffic safety precautions and the need of exercising caution while driving across steep terrain. Investigations into the events leading up to the disaster are still ongoing.

Tragically, it has been reported that there were six fatalities and 25 injuries from the bus accident in the Tanda region of Jammu. As rescue efforts continue, authorities worry that more people could perish.

“A bus carrying passengers from Hathras, Uttar Pradesh met with an accident near Tanda, Akhnoor in Jammu; rescue operations are underway,” said Deputy Commissioner Jammu.

A fresh development in this case:
They said that the bus rolled around 150 feet into the canyon and that the accident occurred at the Tangli morh in the district’s Choki Chora belt.

25 people were hurt and 15 individuals died, according to the authorities.

They said that the automobile was transporting pilgrims from the Shiv Khori neighborhood in the Reasi region of Jammu and Kashmir to the Kurukshetra area of Haryana.

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