China renames thirty places; Arunachal Pradesh, India’s half is EAM S Jaishankar

Days after China published 30 new names for different locations inside the border state, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Monday that Arunachal Pradesh was, is, and will continue to be an Indian state. During a news conference, Jaishankar said that altering the names would not provide any benefits. Will your home become mine if I alter its name? Arunachal Pradesh was, is, and will continue to be an Indian state. Changing names won’t provide any benefits, the minister said.


He was answering a query on Beijing’s most recent action to reaffirm its sovereignty over the Indian state. According to the state-run Global Times on Sunday, the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has published the fourth list of standardized geographical names in Zangnan, the Chinese term for Arunachal Pradesh, which Beijing says is a part of south Tibet.

The Chinese government originally published a list of six locations in Zangnan in 2017, then produced a second list of fifteen locations in 2021, and another list of eleven locations last year.

In response to Sonam Wangchuk, a climate activist residing in Ladakh, who claimed that China had invaded Indian territory, the EAM said that the Indian Army was well-versed in handling such circumstances. Each activist has their own ideas. As you can see, everyone is aware that our Army is already stationed there to thwart any attempts to infiltrate along the actual control line. “The Army is aware of their responsibilities,” he said. When asked about the hiring and coercion of Indians to fight with the Russian Army near the Ukrainian border, Jaishankar said that the Indian government has “strongly” brought up the matter with Moscow after the deaths of two Indians in the conflict area.

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