Congress doesn’t talk about PoK because it’s afraid of Pakistan: Amit Shah at a gathering in Odisha

On Tuesday, Amit Shah, the home minister, went after the Congress party, saying that party leaders are afraid of Pakistan and don’t want to talk about Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).
Shah said at a campaign gathering in Jajpur, Odisha, “The Congress party says, ‘Pakistan has an atomic bomb.'” Do not talk about PoK. People from Odisha and Congress, Naveen Patnaik and Rahul Gandhi, listen to what I have to say from the land of Mahaprabhu: “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Bharat ka hai, rahega aur hum usko lekar rahenge (PoK belongs to India, we will take it back)”


Patnaik will no longer be CM of Odisha after June 4: Amit Shah

Shah also said that Naveen Patnaik, the leader of the BJD, would no longer be CM of Odisha after June 4. He was confident that the BJP would form the next government in the state after winning more than 75 seats in the 147-member assembly.

He said this at an election gathering in Chandbali, which is in the Bhadrak Lok Sabha district. The Home Minister also said that the red party would win 17 of Odisha’s 21 Lok Sabha seats.

“On June 4, Naveen Babu will no longer be chief minister; he will be known as the former CM…”It looks like the BJP will win 17 Lok Sabha seats and 75 state seats in Odisha, he said.

Shah also said that the BJP would make sure that the next chief minister speaks Odiya well and knows about the language, history, and traditions of the state.

He seemed to be talking about V K Pandian, who is close to Patnaik and the head of the BJD. He said, “Should a ‘Tamil babu’ run the government from behind the scenes…By voting for the lotus symbol, bring a ‘jan sevak’ to rule the state instead of an officer.”

The home minister said, “Once the BJP forms government in Odisha, we will set up industries so that youths don’t have to look for jobs elsewhere.” He was talking about the lakhs of young people who were leaving the state to find work.

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