Covid-19 Variant “Maintains Danger”: WHO Says “Virus is Circulating, Evolving, Changing”

According to the World Health Organization on Tuesday, Covid-19 is still a concern since a viral variation has been continuously spreading around the world. WHO specialist Maria Van Kerkhove said, “This virus, SARS-CoV-2, is circulating in every country right now and it still poses a threat.” on bigg boss 17 ankita lokhande loses her cool and yells at her husband vicky jain 1

“The virus is circulating, evolving, and changing, so we need to stay vigilant,” she said during a conversation on the WHO’s social media platforms. Van Kerkhove, who now serves as the UN health agency’s acting director for epidemic and pandemic preparation and prevention, was the technical lead for the WHO during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic.

Six versions are being monitored, which indicates a lesser degree of worry, and three variants of interest (XBB.1.5, XXB.1.16, and EG.5) are now available. BA.2.86 is one of the six that is being advanced to become an interesting variety. Van Kerkhove said, “We’ve seen a slow and steady increase in its detection around the world, but we don’t see a change in severity” in comparison to other variant sub-lineages.

The new categorization ought to encourage study and observation. In addition, the WHO has not noted any changes in the severity of the risk assessment for EG.5, which accounts for almost half of the sequences exchanged worldwide and for which a fresh evaluation is being published. The COVID-19 epidemic caused severe economic and social disruption in addition to millions of deaths. The World Health Organization (WHO) removed its highest level of alert, a public health emergency of worldwide significance, on May 5, 2020. The alert was first issued on January 30, 2020.

In addition to acute infection and illness, the World Health Organization is particularly worried about the virus’s long-term consequences, commonly referred to as Long Covid or post-Covid disorders. According to Van Kerkhove, “We do have evidence that vaccination with Covid-19 vaccines does reduce the risk of post-Covid condition.” According to her, 13.5 billion Covid-19 vaccinations have been given out globally. She recommended individuals in the northern hemisphere to be vaccinated against both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 as winter approached, noting that people may get both infections at the same time.

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