Government of Tamil Nadu Removes Permit Fee and Modifies Rules for EVs and Green Fuel Vehicles

The Tamil Nadu government has issued an order mandating the free issuance of licences for cars that run on batteries, ethanol, and methanol as transport vehicles.

According to the regulation, “all battery-operated transport vehicles and vehicles using methanol and ethanol fuel (except from goods trucks whose gross vehicle weight is below 3000 kg) shall be awarded permits without payment of any charge.

Battery-powered cars will soon be able to be registered in the state as transport vehicles according to a government directive. Electric cars have just recently been registered in the state as personal automobiles. Since such cars without authorization might cause problems, the authorities did not register battery-operated transport vehicles.

By directive dated October 18, 2018, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways freed electric cars from the need to get licenses for commercial use. However, the state transport agency believed that if the order was put into effect, it would run into practical obstacles and regulatory concerns since such vehicles were being operated without a permission.

Since the permit has a number of requirements, including the operating zone, such vehicles would be subject to regulation.

“For proper regulations and also to avoid unnecessary confusion among the operators, the transport commissioner has requested that all battery-operated transport vehicles and also vehicles driven on methanol and ethanol fuel meant to be used as transport vehicles shall be issued the permit without payment of any permit fee,” said the order.

The state government has enacted a provision under the electric vehicle policy 2023 to identify EVs with number plates to be displayed in yellow on a green background for transport vehicles and white on a green background for all other EVs.

The state now has over 1.90 lakh electric automobiles. On June 16, 2023, Guidance Bureau Tamil Nadu hosted a roundtable where representatives of the EV business informed Minister for Industries TRB Rajaa about this problem.

The minister quickly asked Chief Minister MK Stalin for help, who then gave the order to release the necessary regulations as soon as possible for facilitative regulation to make battery-powered shared passenger cars operational on the ground.

“We are also striving to improve the infrastructure for EV charging across Tamil Nadu based on input from the industry. All of these actions will undoubtedly considerably increase the demand for EVs in the state, according to Rajaa.




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