LCH can be equipped with deadly missiles like Dhruvastra and Helina, the enemy will not be able to escape from its sight

LCH can be equipped with deadly missiles like Dhruvastra and Helina, the enemy will not be able to escape from its sight

The induction of the LCH or Light Combat Helicopter manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited into the Indian Air Force will certainly strengthen the country's air and border security. The Indian Air Force was waiting for this project for a long time. These helicopters are equipped with many features. Many types of weapons can be fitted in them. Their biggest feature is their light weight. Because of this, they are more agile than other helicopters. Not only this, but they can also fly at an altitude of 5 thousand meters. This feature can prove to be very heavy on the enemy. This height simply means that it will be easily accessible even in areas like Siachen.

Let us introduce you to some important things at a glance.

On 29 March 20210, the LCH flew Madden for the first time. At that time only four prototypes were made.
For the first time, it successfully landed on the icy surface of Siachen. This was an important milestone in this project. After this, many tests of the landing were done at its high altitude. Many of these tests were at an altitude of 13600 feet to 15800 feet. This means that these tests were done in areas with an altitude between 4145 meters to 4815 meters.
By mid-2016, this helicopter had successfully passed all the trials. On 26 August 2017, the green signal was given for the construction of a limited number of this helicopter.
It can easily dodge the enemy. Its radar protects it from the enemy's sight.

The need for such a helicopter was felt after the Kargil war. At that time the enemy was in a better position due to the height, while the Indian Army took some time to win this battle due to being in the low areas.
After the Kargil war, the need was felt to build such a helicopter that was capable of flying at altitude as well as in any weather.
These rockets can be fired. Apart from this, HELINA / Dhruvastra Quad Pack Configuration can also be fired in it.
The length of this two-pilot helicopter is about 52 feet. Talking about the width, it is about 15 feet and the height is about 15 feet.
The weight of this helicopter without weapons is about 2250 kg, while weapons weighing 1750 kg can be loaded in it.

The engine has been developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, named Turbomeca Shakti-1H1 and Turboshaft, which gives it the power of 1032 kW.
The maximum speed of this helicopter is 330 kmph. With weapons, it can cover a distance of about 550 km at a time.
It has a 1X20 mm M621 cannon. Apart from this, Air to Air Missile Mistral, Anti Tank Guided Missile Dhruvastra, Cluster Bomb, Unguided Bomb, and Grenade Bomb can be fired.
This helicopter has a missile approach warning system, which gives information about the missile coming toward it.
It has a Saab radar and a laser warning system.
It also has the Elbit Compass optoelectronic suite manufactured by Israel. This is a sensor and camera, which provides many types of live information to the pilot.