Maharashtra Holds ‘Muhurat Delivery’ As Ram Temple Opens. Baby Boy Is Born

Mumbai: On Monday, a 42-year-old mother gave birth to a child at a Thane city hospital in Maharashtra after physicians granted her request for a “muhurat delivery” on the day the Ayodhya temple dedicated the new Ram Lalla statue. maharashtra holds muhurat delivery as ram temple opens baby boy is born download 2

Dr. Chandrakant Barure of Male Hospital in Thane told PTI that the lady, who is well-educated and employed in the IT industry, had asked for her delivery, which was scheduled for January 23, to be moved forward one day to coincide with the momentous anniversary.

The mother, Samrudhi Bamane, a Thane resident, conceived the kid spontaneously instead of undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), according to Dr. Barure, who carried out the scheduled cesarean birth.

The doctor said that the baby was delivered around 12.30 pm at the hospital, which is situated in Thane’s Naupada district. He said, “The mother and the baby are doing well.”

There was a lot of excitement on January 22 since many expecting parents throughout the country had planned “muhurat deliveries” to take place on the same day as the Ram temple in Ayodhya was dedicated.

Couples rearranged their “due” dates because of the notion that children born on this day would inherit the characteristics that make up “Maryada Purushottam” Ram.

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