Nepal is permitted by India to trade electricity on a real-time market

According to the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), India has given Nepal permission to sell electricity produced from two hydroelectric projects on its real-time energy market as of Saturday midnight.

For the first time, India approved a project at a time, enabling Nepal to sell hydropower on India’s Real-Time Market (RTM) nepal is permitted by india to trade electricity on a real time market download 85

According to Suresh Bahadur Bhattarai, an NEA spokeswoman, the Central energy Authority of India has permitted the trading of 44 MW of energy produced by the 19.4 MW Lower Modi and 24.25 MW Kabeli B-1 hydroelectric projects on the real-time market in the first phase.

Bhattarai said that both the day-ahead and real-time markets have given their clearance for the selling of power from two projects.

“Earlier, we had to wait a day for the import and export of electricity,” added Bhattarai.

“Now that the sale is just one hour and fifteen minutes away, we may trade by placing bids. In the event of an unexpected shutdown or an increase in electrical production, we may now purchase or sell power, according to Bhattarai.

In the day ahead, he said, “we can expect that other projects, which have received approval for the day-ahead market, will also be able to sell power in RTM.”

We anticipate that the Indian government would at the earliest opportunity authorize the sale of electricity from new projects in both day-ahead and real-time markets, Bhattarai said.

The projects that have been given the go-ahead to sell electricity in the day-ahead market must be renewed annually.

Currently, Nepal sells India 13,000 MW of power per day.

Since November 2021, India has let Nepal to sell electricity on its day-ahead market.

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