Pixxel, an Indian startup in space technology, receives funding from iDEX to produce satellites for the air force

A multi-crore funding from iDEX will enable the Indian Air Force’s space technology business Pixxel to produce tiny multi-payload satellites. Pixxel, a domestic firm, focuses on creating hyperspectral earth-imaging technologies.

According to the firm, the investment from iDEX will enable it to create tiny satellites of up to 150 kilos for electro-optical, infrared, synthetic aperture radar, and hyper spectral applications. The award is a component of iDEX’s SPARK grants.

This news comes after the recent $36 million Series B investment round for Pixxel, which was spearheaded by Google and occurred just a month ago. The business recently worked on creating hyperspectral imaging satellites for the Indian military industry, according to a MoneyControl story.

Awais Ahmed, CEO of Pixxel, commented on the recent development: “We are delighted to receive iDEX’s grant and utilize our expertise of building microsatellites in-house to manufacture satellites externally for the first time.” The startup has already built the world’s highest-resolution commercial hyperspectral imaging satellites in India. “This recognition highlights Pixxel’s commitment to expanding the frontiers of space exploration and innovation,” he said. We are appreciative of the confidence shown in us and eager to begin this new era of our partnership with the Indian government.

For those who are unaware, companies chosen under the iDEX (Prime) & DISC programmes are given SPARK funds. By supporting Indian entrepreneurs and inventors, these scholarships aim to encourage innovation.