Police report that a 20-year-old girl undergoing “Agniveer” training commits herself at the Mumbai Navy Hostel

At a Navy hostel in Mumbai on Tuesday, a 20-year-old female from Kerala who was undergoing Agniveer training is said to have committed woman agniveer 280126282 16x9 0 11zon

The dead, named by Mumbai police as Aparna Nair, reportedly took the drastic measure at the INS Hamla in the Malwani neighborhood in the western suburb of Malad, according to PTI.

According to an official reported by news agency ANI, “The incident occurred while Aparna was undergoing training on the Indian Navy Ship (INS) Attack.”

According to the accounts, Navy physicians were contacted to check on the lady once they received the information.

Following the woman’s examination, the physicians pronounced her dead, according to the police and the media.

According to ANI, the Malwani Police in Mumbai have opened an inquiry and filed a complaint under the accidental death report (ADR).

According to news agency PTI, which cited an official, the lady seemed to have taken the drastic step for personal reasons even though no suicide note was found at the scene.

The officer said that the lady had finished her basic training and had been receiving instruction at the facility for the last fifteen days.

What the “Agniveer” and “Agnipath” Schemes Are About:

The name “Agniveer” refers to troops who are recruited under the Agnipath Scheme.

June 14, 2022, saw the announcement of the plan. The sole route to military service is via the Agnipath Scheme.

Soldiers enlist for a four-year term under the program, which consists of 3.5 years of deployment and six months of training. They may apply to stay in the military once they retire.


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