With Leap To Unicorn Season 2, startups are continuing to expand and dream big

The world is looking to India to provide cutting-edge technologies for a new age of intelligent and sustainable development as the country’s economic narrative picks up steam. India’s inventors and entrepreneurs, who are using contemporary technology to overcome traditional obstacles, are at the core of these optimistic expectations. Collectively, they comprise the third biggest startup ecosystem globally. With the help of IDFC FIRST Bank, Moneycontrol, CNBC-TV18, and Leap To Unicorn, a platform for startup development, India’s entrepreneurs now have the resources and guidance they need to match their inventiveness and tenacity. The initiative’s first season saw the most promising entrepreneurs in India get significant funding, paving the way for a captivating and thrilling second season.

More than 5500 entrepreneurs sought to be a part of Leap To Unicorn’s first season, demonstrating the program’s enormous scope right once. Approximately 600 businesses were chosen after a rigorous assessment procedure to take part in a month-long boot camp that included talks on various aspects of company operations from CEOs, VCs, and well-known industry veterans. Participants in the boot camp were able to improve their pitches further on the basis of these priceless lessons, and after they were assessed, the top 100 and then the top 20 businesses were identified. At the much-awaited Grand Finale, the top six firms finally walked the stage and were presented with investment intents of up to Rs. 60 crore by a distinguished panel of venture capitalists and investors. The remaining 100 companies had a breakthrough of their own when they were included in a special issue of the esteemed Forbes magazine, which was released during the event. The finalists received well-deserved accolades for their performances.

Even while Season 1’s success raised high hopes for Season 2, it also left a legacy of inclusive progress. Leap To Unicorn Season 2 applicants may anticipate intense mentorship, fundraising, and networking opportunities, as well as the opportunity to present to a panel of well-known VCs and investors—names that have previously been linked to the financing and expansion of prosperous firms. This will be the phase that launches the most promising businesses to a national level and provides them with the capital and know-how to reach even greater heights of achievement. All they need to do is apply and give it a go!

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