4 Delicious Recipes To Binge On For Republic Day 2023

4 Delicious Recipes To Binge On For Republic Day 2023

The momentous day has here! India commemorates Republic Day, one of its most significant historical occasions. Republic Day is observed nationwide on January 26 each year in recognition of the country's diversity and togetherness. The nation will enthusiastically and proudly commemorate the 73rd Republic Day at the Kartavya Path-Rajpath this year. The military of the nation hosts magnificent parade performances at Rajpath as part of the festivities, showcasing the many cultures and ethnicities of every state in India. In order to commemorate the day, we have provided you with some delectable and simple dishes.

First Tricolor Dhokla

A common Gujarati snack known as Tricolor Dhokla is a steamed, pongy snack seasoned with sesame and mustard seeds.

Semolina, curd, water, spices, oil, baking soda, sugar, saffron, and a green edible colour are among the ingredients.

2. Sandwich in tricolour

The three colours of our national flag serve as the inspiration for the Tricolor Sandwich dish. Both children and adults like it, and it comes together quickly and has a delicious flavour.

Bread slices, butter, mint chutney, grated paneer, a medium carrot, mayonnaise, salt, chaat masala, pepper powder, cabbage, and tomato ketchup are among the ingredients.

3.Three-color Panncota

With a creamy texture and a rich sweet and tangy taste, this sweet dish is delicious. It is a very tasty and wonderful Italian pudding.

Ingredients: gelatine powder, green edible food colour, vanilla essence, fresh cream, milk, sweet boondi, and sugar.

4. Tricolor Uttapam 

This meal is attractive and delectable in every way, from its scent to its taste and flavour to its colour.

Ingredients: Chaat masala, oil, black pepper, baking soda, yoghurt, carrot, tomato, spinach, coriander leaves, and green chilies.