4 life-saving DIY tricks for your daily battle

4 life-saving DIY tricks for your daily battle

It goes without saying that using your creativity and ingenuity may help you save a ton of money. You can have a tight budget or just wish to use your creativity to apply "do it yourself" solutions to your clothing. You may be confident that using these tricks will greatly improve your day-to-day dressing.

Banana, cucumber, mint essence, water strainer, microwave, ice cubes, and soap are needed as ingredients.

Use a banana peel to polish your shoes if you don't have any varnish: If you don't have any polish, a banana peel will work wonderfully to shine your filthy shoes. Simply polish your shoe with the inside of the peel before buffing it with a soft towel. We promise that you will shine more brilliantly than shoe polish.

Create your own aftershave at home with these three easy components. You can create your own aftershave for almost little money, and it will be very effective and natural. Here's how to go about it! Combine a half cup of cucumber with four tablespoons of mint essence and a half cup of water. Blend, filter, zap in the microwave, and chill.

Applying ice cubes on wrinkles can help: dislike ironing? To remove creases, place a couple ice cubes with your clothing in the dryer. Dryer timer set at 15 minutes. The steam assists in elegantly straightening your garments as the ice cubes melt.

Using some soap to unstick a zipper: Is the zipper on your favorite jacket tricking you? much worse! Your child's zipper becomes difficult to zip? To quickly repair this, you need to use this simple but genius clothing trick. Using a bar of soap, unstick a zipper. While keeping the cloth tight, run the soap along the zipper teeth. Pull it up and down a few times and see how effortlessly it glides each time.