According to Vastu, do not tell these 5 things to anyone

According to Vastu, do not tell these 5 things to anyone
There are some things in Vastu Shastra that we should not tell anyone. This can cause you many problems.
Here are those 5 things:
# Nobody should give information about their salary or money. By giving money related information to people, they can benefit from you by increasing your identity. Which will harm you.
# Don't tell your insults to anyone. It is said that in such a situation, even the front will not respect you. He can also insult you anytime when the time comes.
# If you donate then you should not sing it in front of anyone. It is said that you will never get the fruits of this.
# No one should describe the defects of home peace. You will not get the result of home peace measures.
# You must keep your age a secret. Once you know your age, someone can use it against you.

Child Care: Why it is important to feed the newborn immediately after birth, know here!

Child Care: Why it is important to feed the newborn immediately after birth, know here!

The newborn is breastfed within an hour of birth. According to WHO guidelines, it is also considered necessary to do so. Experts also consider it as nectar for the child. Apart from this, it is said that giving only mother's milk to the child for six months. Know how mother's milk benefits the health of the baby.

1. The first milk of the mother that comes out immediately after the birth of a newborn is called colostrum. Due to the high amount of beta-carotene, it is yellow or orange in color. From this milk, the child gets many nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates and calcium. It produces cells that strengthen the immunity of the child, as well as to prevent jaundice by removing bilirubin from the child's body.

2. Apart from this, breast feeding protects the child from problems such as urinary tract infection, respiratory tract infection, infections caused by bacteria and diarrhea.

3. Many experts believe that breast milk is a better source of cholesterol, taurine and DHA. These three nutrients are considered better for mental development. Breastfeeding is also believed to develop a child's IQ.

4. According to experts, the mother should be fed with one breast for 10 to 15 minutes. Breastfeeding should be given to the child several times till the beginning of three to four days, because during this time milk is made more and it is very important for him. But while feeding, take special care of cleanliness.

5. According to the WHO, the child should be breastfed by the age of two. From the first hour of birth to six months, mother's milk should be her diet. After six months, the child's diet should include things like lentil water and banana. After a year, feed him oatmeal, semolina kheer, fruits, etc.

Do not feed in these situations

1. In normal cases, mother's milk is very important for the baby. But if the mother is HIV positive, TB or cancer patient, taking chemotherapy then she should not be fed.

2. In addition, if the child has a disease called galactosemia, do not feed him. Due to this disease, the child cannot digest the sugar present in the milk.

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