Actress Malaika Arora says she does yoga often as a means of staying healthy when in the City Beautiful for an event

Malaika Arora, an actress, fitness fanatic, and reality show judge, arrived in Chandigarh in style on Saturday night. The radiant beauty wore a pink evening gown with a large vertical bow that hung from her waist to her shoulders.

FashionTV and GlenWorld Realtors announced that Malaika will be the face of their soon-to-be Chandigarh real estate alliance. She took her role seriously, as hundreds of city socialites flocked to the JW Marriott to get a sight of her. She said, “I’m happy to be a part of this mega-partnership event,” at the press conference. I am also honored to be FashionTV’s brand ambassador and face of F-Towers. This is not my first collaboration with FTV. It feels great to be back.

City ringing

Malaika expressed her gratitude for Chandigarh, one of the earliest planned towns in India, and her strong desire to own a property there. “Once this project is launched, the next step will be to purchase a Chandigarh apartment,” she said. so I may visit this place more often. The actress was happy to give yoga full credit for her timeless beauty. Although eating well and getting enough sleep are crucial, doing yoga is the main focus. To everyone who asks me this question on a regular basis: yoga se hi hoga, really.

She said how it always felt nice to be in Punjab and Chandigarh and breathe in fresh air away from the concrete gardens of Mumbai, as her father is from Punjab. But the actress declined to provide specifics about her next ventures. “Music videos, television programs, and movies are an integral part of our life. Everything is labor-intensive. When there is anything specific to discuss, I will share,” she said.

Malaika recalled her beginnings as a VJ for MTV India, saying, “Voh to kuch alag hi zamana tha…”Those were amazing yet different times. I worked as a video jockey for a long time, but that VJ culture isn’t there anymore. Nevertheless, I still think that my time as a VJ was some of the best ever.

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“Home is where everyone seeks comfort and peace, and that’s what FashionTV and GlenWorld Realtors together aim at,” the actress remarked when asked what motivated her to support this project in Chandigarh. It will provide comfort and elegance on a global scale right to your home. Everyone, in my opinion, wants their house to be opulent and fashionable. The managing director of FashionTV, Kashiff Khan, then said, “And who would come to mind when you think of as an epitome of fashion, of course Malaika.” We brought her here to see the first phase of this historic project for that reason.

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