Alcohol will drive away old age from the face! is also beneficial for hair

Alcohol will drive away old age from the face! is also beneficial for hair

Often you must have heard doctors saying that the consumption of alcohol is not good for your health. It has also come to the fore in many types of research about this that alcohol is injurious to our health. But do you know that alcohol is beneficial for our skin and hair? Yes, you heard right. Alcohol helps in refining our skin and making hair silky. You do not have to drink alcohol but use it. You can use alcohol, beer, or wine to benefit your skin and skin.

Beer will cure old age
According to research, anti-oxidant properties have been found in some craft beers. The phenols and yeasts found in it protect against oxidative stress by improving mitochondria activity. Keep in mind that these things can prove to help slow down the process of skin aging and keep the skin young. Simply put, beer can ward off aging.

benefits for silky hair
Many experts recommend washing hair with beer. It is said that washing hair with beer not only makes hair soft but also silky. This is the reason why now beer-based shampoos and conditioners are also available in the market. Let us tell you that no clinical proof has been found for this claim related to beer yet.

Skin will be youthful with red wine
It is said that the anti-oxidants present in red wine help slow down the aging process. Along with this, they help maintain collagen. It also maintains its glow while making our skin soft. Red wine gives relief from the problem of acne.

Red wine will make silky hair
Let us tell you that red wine is very effective not only for your skin but also for your hair. Red wine helps in repairing your damaged hair. Red wine also gets rid of dandruff from the hair.

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