Americans living in Ukraine should not apply conditioner to their hair, know why the US gave this advice

Americans living in Ukraine should not apply conditioner to their hair, know why the US gave this advice

America has also become alert after Russian President Putin warned of a nuclear attack on Ukraine. Given the potential danger, America has issued an advisory for its citizens. In this advisory, advice has been given which is very strange and you will probably be shocked to know it. According to reports, it has been said in the US that those living in the nuclear war zone should not apply conditioner to their hair. If Russia conducts a nuclear attack, it will make the situation much worse. For this reason, America has issued an advisory related to what to do and what not to do.

We all know how important conditioner is to keep hair moisturized. In hair care, it is very important to apply conditioner after shampoo. But what is the reason that the US has given such advice to the people? Learn…

Know what the advisory says
If there is a nuclear attack in some situation, then after this the radioactive dust spreads into the air. In this situation, the hair and skin should be washed more and more. The American organization The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised people that in this situation contaminated clothing should be closed and bathed as soon as possible. Hair should be cleaned immediately with shampoo, but conditioner should not be applied.

Why you should not apply conditioner to hair
Like shampoo, conditioner makes hair soft and healthy, but their properties or properties are quite different. According to the advisory, a conditioner can act as a glue between the hair and the radioactive material. Most conditioners are chemically positively charged, whereas the fibers present in our hair are negatively charged. In such a situation, the conditioner acts as a glue for the radioactive dust when it comes in contact with the hair. These radioactive particles work to destroy our cells, which can prove to be very dangerous.

keep this thing in mind
It has also been said that if there is a nuclear attack, then during this time people should stay in houses made of stone and concrete. Also, avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth during this time.

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