Bihar farmer’s son secures ninth place in the 68th final result of the BPSC exam

We often hear that success is the result of persistent work and devotion. A bright candidate from West Champaran (Bihar) has accomplished his aim by adhering to the same mentality. Because of his diligence and commitment, the guy known as Akash Kumar has been chosen to appear on the list of applicants for the BPSC test. It has been reported that he has succeeded in finishing his education in a tiny West Champaran community. He finished his high school education in the village. After finishing his education, he just placed ninth in the 68th BPSC test. On the list of toppers, he is included. He’s going to help the Bihar Education Service out.

Brijesh Thakur, the father of Akash Kumar, is a farmer who lives in the Sathi police station area’s Dumdumwa hamlet. Sarita Devi, Akash’s mother, is a homemaker. Out of the four brothers, Akash is the oldest. Akash completed his elementary schooling in the hamlet and earned a first-division diploma from Baliram High School in Sathi after passing the entrance test. Following his graduation from Munshi Singh College in Motihari, East Champaran, Bihar, for his intermediate studies. Akash completed his degree at Banaras. Akash began training for the government service after earning his degree from Banaras Hindu University. Sources indicate that Akash succeeded on his first try via independent study.

In a recent interview with the media, Akash Kumar claims that his father always supported him in his academic endeavors and never allowed him to go without anything. As the eldest among his four brothers, he has a great deal of responsibility, which he is making a great effort to fulfill.

During his studies, Akash never gave any regard to any difficulty. Akash aspires to improve Bihar’s educational system. Following his accomplishment, there is joy in his town, and everyone wishes him more success in the future.

The results of the 68th Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) were recently released by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). Candidates may see it by visiting According to sources, 812 applicants out of the 867 main-qualified candidates participated in the interview phase, which took place between January 8 and January 15.

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